Recent News

Series | 1.12 Update

Games are about to become serialized.

Apr 18, 2024

A New Home | 1.11 Update

Get cozy with these new changes coming to the home page.

Feb 02, 2024

Developer Update: Oct 2023

Take a dive into what’s coming next for Backloggd!

Oct 07, 2023

Mentions, Notifications, Appeals

And so much more in this mini-update!

Apr 04, 2023

Log Editor Beta

Along with a small set of other changes in this 1.10.5 update!

Feb 05, 2023

December Mini Update

A small batch of improvements, fixes, and additions just in time for the holidays.

Dec 18, 2022

Developer Update: Oct 2022

This development update I’ll be recapping some smaller releases that happened, touching on the progress of the log editor beta, and give a reminder about a certain upcoming event.

Oct 24, 2022

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