A Bird Story

A Bird Story

released on Nov 07, 2014

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A Bird Story

released on Nov 07, 2014

A Bird Story is a simple, surreal short about a boy and a bird with a broken wing. Its sole purpose is to tell a story, and can be viewed as a narrative/animation with interactivity -- but without a line of dialogue. It is a standalone game with its own beginning and endings; but for those who's played To the Moon, the boy eventually grows up to become the next patient in the series.

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This was sweet, there's not a whole lot to it, but given that it's something of a prologue to the 'actual' game Finding Paradise it did well enough at hooking me in.

The music is nice as expected, and the level design was really interesting. There's not text or dialogue, and there doesn't need to be. Not much to say really, I hope Finding Paradise is satisfying lol

Honestly mandatory for loving Finding Paradise more.

It might be simple, but it's simply perfect.

Meu Deus, que sonífero. Mesmo durando só uma horinha, tive que dar uma pausa na metade para tomar uma água e pegar um ar porque eu estava caindo de sono. Tem alguma coisa muito errada que não está certa num jogo de uma hora não consegue prender sua atenção pela mísera hora que dura.

A cute prologue to Finding Paradise about a boy growing attached to a bird. It’s pleasant, if not very memorable on its own.

Jogo muito bom, mas bem curto