A Normal Lost Phone

released on Jan 26, 2017

A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player.

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Hard to complain, short little story that avoids the typical visual novel pitfalls by having phone interactions. Basic but solid.

cute little detective-ish game! story wasn't really groundbreaking or anything but it was nonetheless engaging. enjoyed!

a queer game both of its time and almost definitely "for the straights". mixed in with this very oversimplified and clearly constructed orthodox indie lgbt story is a whole section that spends hundreds of words spelling out stuff like "what does nonbinary mean". just kind of bland overall, even if i thought the ending was sweet. aside: imagine if someone snooped ur shit like this?? like wtf?
anyways this was probably "important" in 2017 (really??? this feels like its from 2014) but like no reason to play it now, many other games have iterated on this game's ideas way way better. just play if found instead

Pretty cool expierence of looking through some their phone and it feels personal to do that
Story was predictable at times and it is really short

Completed with 100% of achievements unlocked. A Normal Lost Phone, as its name suggests, presents you with an ostensibly normal smartphone that you've found abandoned, tasking you with investigating the story behind the phone's owner through the phone interface and the information stored on it. This comes across as an unusual and well-realised form of story-telling, as you're largely left to uncover the story in a freeform manner, investigating messages and other content in whatever order you choose - albeit some (needed) structure is afforded by gating off certain areas behind access controls/passwords that you'll find from other areas. This open nature results in a satisfying experience and you're drawn into finding out as much as you can about the story... in a way that ultimately feels almost uncomfortably intimate as you discover more. Recommended.