A Normal Lost Phone

released on Jan 26, 2017

A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player.

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Let's start with this: This game is dealing with an incredibly important subject matter and it handles it with great care and gentleness. I did really appreciate it for just that, there's so much empathy and love stored in this one.
Unfortunately, it is extremely underdeveloped. A predicable, shallow plot mixed with a short playtime. Interesting gameplay that is never really utilized, simple puzzles that left me unsatisfied.
All in all, A Normal Lost Phone is the very example of a game with so much potential and little payoff. It doesn't concern itself with details at all, instead focuses on just the basics of its own narrative.
I've read that it still means so much to many people and I get why. I'm sad to say that it didn't really leave any profound impression on me, even though I might have a lot in common with the protagonist.

Jeu d'enquête où l'on cherche des indices dans un smartphone, c'est brillant dans sa conception, et on est pris par l'histoire racontée.
C'est génial.

It turned out the game was not originally developed in English, which explains why the dialogue feels unnatural at times. I feel like I've seen quite a few games like this over the past decade. It takes a lot more to standout among games with similar theme in these days. The name of the developer gave out the mystery of the game.

I finished the second of these 2 years earlier, but I want to include it here because it stays with me to this day. These games are puzzles boxes, and the stories they tell are crushing accounts of personal struggle. I doubt I'll ever forget them.

Great concept and loads of fun, even if the story is very, uh, 101. Very Twitter in its approach to the subject matter (which is an important topic, don't get me wrong). I don't wanna spoil. But try it. It goes for $1.