released on Mar 17, 2021

A pig farmer decides he no longer wants to dispose of bodies for the mob. What follows is a discussion between him and his would-be killer.

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I like walking simulators, if the narrative is good. Sometimes, they feel like a movie in which you have some kind of control of the pace and the character's interactions.
'Adios' is one of these games: it has a good narrative, a compelling and emotional story with a couple of strong moments, but perhaps it lacks a little more exploration and interactions - or maybe it lacks the discovery of more narrative points or scenes through the exploration, you can examine items but this doesn't affect anything.
Despite of this, I enjoyed it and it's a very short game, so you can play it in one sit. Anenjoyable little experience, overall.

I would've just shot the guy.
PD: I like the concept of short games as in short films, neat.

i don't mind it but you have to be in the right mood for it

made my jellies swelly, I wanna puke

solid, very short walking simulator with fairly minimal interactivity. Not sure this takes full advantage of the medium, as there's a lot of standing in place listening to dialogue, but the story is mostly compelling and it doesn't overstay its welcome

Como videojuego es un típico walking simulator aunque menos lento que muchos otros, cuenta lo que tiene que contar y listo. Dura cerca de una hora y la historia es lo suficientemente buena para tenerte enganchado y terminarlo en una sentada. Recomendado si te gustan este tipo de juegos.