Aliens: Fireteam Elite

released on Aug 24, 2021

Set in the iconic Alien universe, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a cooperative 3rd-person survival shooter that drops your fireteam of hardened marines into a desparate fight to contain the evolving Xenomorph threat. Create and customize your own Colonial Marine, choosing from an extensive variety of classes, weapons, gear and perks, battling overwhelming odds in this heart-pounding survival shooting experience.

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A borderline iconic example of franchise game malaise, Fireteam Elite make no bold choices and takes no risks, resolving in a game that's fine. You'll be doing the same thing over and over for quite some time to make serious progression, with several run throughs and grinding sessions required for maximum progression and full arsenal. But you won't hate it, you'll just be INCREDIBLY aware of it.
Level design is fairly linear, game is definitely better with human teammates, and the sound design and visuals are great and true to franchise. It's the most game to ever exist. And no that's not a typo.
If you really like horde shooters like Left 4 Dead or Vermintide you'll find the bones of that here, and likely enjoy a new grind. Otherwise it's an okay way to kill a couple hours or a fun title to rent, borrow, play on game pass, etc. Genuine congrats to the team for making an Aliens game that isn't a disaster (because that bar is STILL really high somehow) but I definitely hope the next game aiming at the franchise takes a little more time for narrative and character work over doing high quality shooties...

O quesito mais engajante desse game deve ser a gameplay que é muito acertadinha, mas pelo tempo que eu passei jogando, isso foi, na minha opinião, a única coisa boa do game. Isso porque, com o tempo, o jogo se torna cansativo e repetitivo no sentido de que aparecem apenas incontáveis ondas de combate contra vários inimigos e os objetivos são extremamente simplórios e pouco interessantes. Ele é notoriamente feito para jogar com amigos, mas como eu somente jogo sozinho, foi outro fator que pesou muito para dar continuidade e, quem sabe, tentar chegar até o fim do game.

Super fun squad action with catchy gameplay but enough complexity to keep you hooked.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a nice, fun, little Aliens game that will keep you and two friends decently engaged for maybe 8 or so hours. You'll probably enjoy your time with most of it. But unfortunately, that's just about all there is.
The main combat is mostly pretty fun, depending on who and what you're fighting. When fighting the Xenomorphs, gameplay will either feel really snappy, almost like a shooting gallery; or, decently engaging when you're dealing with the tougher armored enemies.
And when you're fighting the synthetics...well it mostly just feels like a worse Gears of War game. Which can be fun at times, but the game does very little to improve upon the generic third person combat beyond that.
Literally every encounter is just a survival/wave defense with only a couple small changes here and there. It's fun at first, but grows to be boring and monotonous very quickly by the time you get to the third campaign.
The story is also violently uninteresting. It feels more like a set of excuses for why you have to kill aliens, instead of just throwing us in to kill aliens. Honestly, I think the game would have been better off if there just wasn't a story mode at all and the game was just built around you killing aliens and upgrading your gear. Imagine something like Deep Rock Galactic but with a more intense focus on alien killing.
I think this game's biggest problem is that it can't decide if it wants to be a live service game or not. It toes the line straight down the middle. It has stuff like daily and weekly challenge rotations, a huge focus on online multiplayer, and plenty of rewards and skins to unlock or buy.
But the thing is, it just isn't enough. By the time you finish all four campaigns, there just isn't really a motivator to bother playing the game anymore. Which is weird, since the game seems to pretend that everything is just getting started then. So many modes and difficulties unlock upon completion of the fourth campaign, but it just doesn't feel like something I want to do. Why would I bother sinking more time into this when the entire game is literally just nothing but a less engaging version of horde mode from Gears of War?
I don't know, maybe I'm being to hard on this game. I had plenty of fun with it, but I think most of that came from playing with two of my friends the whole time and joking around that we were actually low-level soldiers in an Alien movie. I couldn't imagine playing this by myself, I think I would have given up before unlocking the third campaign.
Anyway, a nice game that can be fun if you're with friends, but there's not much else too it. It's better than the last Aliens game (Colonial Marines) but nowhere near as good as the most recent Alien game (Isolation).
If you want a fun little game to distract yourself for a bit, this is right on the money. Just don't expect much, or really anything, more than that.

Jogo genérico mas divertido, não inova mas oferece grandes cenários lindos e fiéis aos filmes

This game was better than I expected, but I was hoping for more objectives than just hold this point!