All Our Asias

released on Feb 07, 2018

From the co-creator of Anodyne. In this surreal, PSX-like adventure, learn someone's secrets and experiences by exploring their mind. Control Yuito as you explore his estranged and dying father's "Memory World" - what surreal and supernatural things will you find?

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The problem with experimental visual novel-esque games like this is that theyre often just trying to make a 3D comic - the mechanics are obstacles in the way of making audio visual dioramas and are not part of the storytelling in any meaningful sense. The dev is a professor and teaches classes with projects like this and yet does not think thoughtfully about the most unique element of the medium.

Very unique game that cleverly uses the video game medium to tell a personal story with dreamlike and evocative elements. I really appreciate games of this type, very short and designed as a very direct form of expression by individual authors who know how to create and open up a personal space for others to explore, and I think a lot can be learned on a human level from the kind of connection that can be established with works of this type.

A very interesting, strange, ethereal piece of speculative autofiction. I think the nature of its narrative has some particular synchronicities and some conflicts with the experience of actually playing through it. The interface it uses, an mix of buttons and screens that call to mind old computers, feels necessary to construct a stronger fourth wall than gaming typically has. The aesthetic too, calling back to the earliest kinds of 3D graphics, adds to that separation a bit. There’s so much distance here, between everyone and everything involved in this story — and maybe that’s the point.

A bit slow at times, but a meditative ambience. Interesting story, no real challenges to focus on. Good if you're looking for something a little more involved than a twine game.

the story All Our Asias tells is both fantastic and real, and places itself in the real world in a way most games are afraid to. on the other hand, i found a lot of the time spent with it sort of boring. either way, i now want to play all of han-tani's work

What a beautiful game, even if it's rough around the edges and almost feels like a prototype for Anodyne 2. Just so beautiful