AM2R: Return of Samus

released on Aug 06, 2016

AM2R, short for Another Metroid 2 Remake, is an action-adventure video game developed by Milton Guasti under the pseudonym DoctorM64, and released in August 2016 for Microsoft Windows, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the Metroid series. It is an unofficial, enhanced remake of Nintendo's Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus (1991), borrowing the art style and overall feeling of the Game Boy Advance game Metroid: Zero Mission (2004). Shortly after the game's release, Nintendo sent DMCA notices to websites hosting AM2R; download links to the game were removed from its official website, but Guasti said that he still planned to continue working on the game privately. In September 2016, Guasti ended the development of AM2R after he received a DMCA takedown request from Nintendo.

The game follows Samus Aran, who aims to eradicate the parasitic Metroids from their home planet SR388. It includes several new features, including redone graphics and music, a map system, and new areas and minibosses. The controls were changed to be less "floaty", in line with the gameplay of later titles in the series. Video game journalists appreciated the game, frequently calling it impressive and commenting on the improved visuals compared to those of the original Metroid II, although one thought the conditions required to win battles against Metroids were too specific considering how often they occur. The game was nominated for The Game Awards 2016, but was later removed from the nominations page without notice.

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I just recently played the original game for the first time and I gotta say I think this is a wonderful remake, keeps the same atmosphere, stays faithful to the story and design for the most part, while adding really sick new content, music is also great and visually it looks stunning. Mechanically it's the best feeling Metroid game ever made, Samus has never felt this smooth to control, it's fast paced, flashy, and fun.
However, I have a big gripe, that permeates through the whole game, and that is the actual Metroids, I think overall, they're an improvement on the original, I like the fact that they have new moves and attacks, new designs, and there's some cool new encounters I enjoyed, but my problem lies in the fact that they also changed their hitbox, you can now only damage them by hitting them in a weak spot that is very small, and hidden behind their legs, this doesn't sound bad and overall, it isn't, but the problem is that you encounter these enemies a lot, 40 times to be exact, and they move around a lot, so you'll find yourself just kinda waiting around for them to be in the right position so you can hit them, it slows down the gameplay a lot, and I honestly think if their hitboxes worked just like in the original it would've been much better. This game's original bosses however, are incredible, so at least it balances itself out a bit.
Outside of that though, this is an incredible game and the fact that it's a fan project makes it all the more impressive, it has nothing to envy from any other Metroid games made by Nintendo which is saying a lot because I think most developers nowadays have a lot to envy from Nintendo, really incredible job.

One of the Metroid 2 remakes of all time

Beautiful and faithful remake of Metroid 2 and I appreciate it's in a GBA style, Samus Returns gave me quite the whiplash going from ZM and it just feels empty....I prefer this one over that any day. Much like Metroid 1 NES, I can't really get into Metroid 2 GB so this is the way for me. That being said, this game is beautiful, atmosphere, the creatures, the addition of an enemy viewer and lore collection is very nice too. As far as fan games go, this is one of the legendary ones

Best way to play Samus Returns. Also one of the best fan games I've played in general

Really makes you wonder about of evil Nintendo can get, this is one of the best fangames that has ever existed.