Animal Crossing: City Folk

released on Nov 16, 2008

Step into a living, breathing world where days and seasons pass in real time and your destiny is yours to create.

Enjoy a new house, a new neighborhood, and some new friends. Try your luck in a Fishing Tourney, collect shells, or participate in special events and holidays. Communicate with friends and family; travel to the new City, get a Mii makeover, and more. The world is your sparkling, fresh canvas.

You choose the pace and you craft the adventures!

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The weakest animal crossing game but that’s because it was too similar to wild world and the town gimmick was more annoying than it was novel.

your first ever animal crossing game really does hit different
really good vibes and timeless soundtrack! !!

The best Animal Crossing game in my opinion. Super simple with lots of reasons to revisit your town time and time again.

not sure why i didnt log this earlier. played this a lot on release, enjoyed it for what it was but obviously does not stack up to WW or its successors.

Animal Crossing City folk took Wild World and improved what was good about it and made it better!

it's animal crossing, the staple mechanics'll never be bad so i cannot rate it any less, but the soundtrack is strangely the thing that kept throwing me off because it's the same as wild world's (with different instruments). this is a really subjective point, but it's strange, even with more updated instrumentation the very composition of wild world's soundtracks make me expect something a little smaller/minimal than a (comparatively) high framerate console edition (and the original compositions suit it really well!), but i'll put this down to association from years of playing wild world really lol. do also agree with the grass mechanics that the ground itself doesn't look as lovely, haven't played enough to determine if this really is the point where the dialogue went downhill but i've got my suspicions (!). not to mention how difficult i find adjusting to the wii compared to a standard controller for this specific kind of game, but again it's a subjective one. boy, this is a whole lot of complaining for an animal crossing game- well other than the grass the graphics are fantastically charming as always and fit right into the cosy visuals of the game for me, especially indoors, as always each object feels lovingly rendered - plus this game began pro patterns! definitely worth visiting on a tour of the older games especially for charm, but I'm not sure how well it'll age as an example of the series in terms of exemplifying its gameplay decades down the line.