Kei and Yumi take the lead as the new heroes. Their quest is to capture all 400 monkeys. You control either Kei or Yumi. The gameplay involves using various methods and weapons to catch them all. The game has many levels with different themes, such as a Haunted Castle, a Racing level, Jungle settings, TV studios and other settings. You can slow the animals down with various objects such as a stun club or a slingback shooter, and then you can capture them with a net.

New to the series are the morphing abilities, eight in all. You can morph into various characters, like a knight and perform a powerful attack or a gun fighter and shoot em up or a ninja and run along walls. You can also vehicles such as a race car to knock down the monkeys. Other features are the familiar Monkeypedia and the unlockable Mesal Gear Solid mini-game (a Metal Gear Solid spoof).

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Haven't finished the game, but I'm having a blast.
Also, Aki and Tomoki are peak, but some of us ain't ready for that conversation

I was highly highly skeptical about what seemed like an increased combat focus and the transformation system. However, this one really pulls through, and might be the best Ape Escape of all 3. Some of the stages are a bit too linear and samey, but that's my own real complaint. At the least, it ties with 1.

i love this game! :3 it radiates charm and cuteness! another great ost, just like the other games, but now there is a really loving attention to detail permeating the entire game, in monkey variety especially; after the first few stages, it seems like there are many more monkeys with themed costumes or altogether unique outfits than there are monkeys who wear just the colored pants. the theme of television/film is an adorable and logical progression to the disjointed level progression in ape escape 2. and surprisingly the shopping centre is pretty well balanced with how many coins you get in this game too, and i appreciated only having to do very minimal grinding upon completing all the stages a second time. the morphs add a welcome dimensionality to gameplay; theyre a snap to change to, have really cute designs, and almost all of them add some unique element of traversal alongside their unique fighting styles. precious game that always has a place in my heart :3 <3

Me arrependo todo dia quando lembro que perdi esse jogo na mudança, meu eu de 8 anos era apaixonado nesse jogo, e até hoje carrego ele com carinho no coração. Quero muito jogar ele de novo.

A best friend’s favorite game of all time and I can see why. Really fun levels, cool characters, and even more funny pop culture references. Definitely my favorite of the trilogy (3>1>2) and Soichi Terada does it again with the immaculate OST.