Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

released on Apr 12, 2007
by Capcom

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, released in Japan as Gyakuten Saiban 4, is the fourth video game in the Ace Attorney series.
Apollo Justice is the first game in the series that does not feature Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist, though it is not the first time a different attorney has been playable. The game is set in the year 2026, which is seven years after Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations. Phoenix Wright has been stripped of his attorney's badge, and Apollo Justice, an up-and-coming attorney, becomes his apprentice.

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Yet another case of "Main plot good, middle plot bad". Case 2 and 3 suck, 2 less than 3, and 1 and 4 are good. Amazing how this happens for like, every ace attorney game for a while.

Replayed Apollo Justice and it was a real fun game. It was a real interesting direction to take the series and I liked it mostly. All of the new characters are a blast with Trucy, Ema, and Klavier being highlights Apollo is also pretty fun even if he's not that important overall. If I had any real complaints is that the apollo fr is overshadowed really hard in the final case he like barely contributes. The final case in general is weird hard to describe but it just kind of doesn't have the oomph all the other final cases have cause of the matrix system

A solid game with an excellent, gimmicky final case. There was a certain spark missing to the overall story, though the characters can’t be faulted. They had great designs and animations. I did encounter some frustration with presenting evidence incorrectly, maybe there could’ve been instances where either of two pieces of evidence would’ve succeeded.

Fazia muito tempo que não voltava a jogar Ace Attorney, e foi ótimo voltar com o início da nova trilogia. O primeiro caso de Apollo Justice é o melhor da franquia até agora, é tão intenso e 100% voltado a história principal, mostra tudo que o jogo pode oferecer.
O caso 2 e 3 são meio chatos e não impressionam muito. Mas o caso 4 é MUITO absurdo, não só de criatividade, mas caralho, fumaram 3 kilos de maconha pra escreverem esse caso por inteiro, além de muitos momentos que já se tornaram icônico pra mim.
Tenho umas ressalvas sobre a conclusão, mas adorei a experiência, animado pro resto da franquia.