Armored Warriors

released on Dec 31, 1994
by Capcom

In the year 2281, the war spanning half a century over territory between the United World Forces and the Raian Kingdom had at last come to an end.

But this peace was not to last. A year after a truce was signed between the two forces, former Raian army captain Azrael, who has converted himself into a cyborg in an attempt to become "the perfect warrior", has marshalled several thousand other cyborgs and declared war against the Raian Kingdom. Robbing mobile weapons from the army, this group of rogues has invaded the Raian capital of Merkid and has begun to abduct the civilians.

The United World Government, receiving an emergency message from the planet Raia, has but one choice: to organize and dispatch an army formed around its elite corps, a squadron of warriors called "Bloody Armor", to eradicate the enemy forces and rescue the civilians.

And so, in October 2282, the United World Forces begin to launch its attack upon the planet Raia.

The most intense battle in human history is about to begin...

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Played on an emulator I died a lot but had lots of fun :0

Played this one in the Capcom Arcade Stadium 1, where it is only available under it's Japanese title:
Powered Gear - Strategic Variant Armor Equipment
Seriously a solid arcade Beat 'em Up. I love the mecha theme, the artwork is wunderful, an the game mechanics are fairly interesting. You can pick up limps of beaten enemies and make them your own weapons.
At any time, there isn't to much bullshit on screen. The final boss aside, the game feels very fair. I think, if you play more sessions of it, you can get good in this game quiet fast.

Another solid beatemup. They find a lot of ways to make the mech design scheme feel powerful while mixing things up with interchangeable parts and gameplay shifts. This was the first Capcom brawler where I never felt like the experience was dragging or running out of steam: It felt like it executed on everything it wanted to do evenly across its length.
I think they could've done more with the 'feel' of the mechs, though. Something about the acceleration-based movement and damage values undermines the weight and impact of action. I think it would've been cool if enemies had more healthbars visually but technically the same amount of HP, so it really sells just how much each hit is tearing through opposition. When the healthbars move at the same intervals as on-foot brawlers, it kinda undermines the 'raw' factor. Dumb nitpick, but I'd do that in their shoes.

(played with MagneticBurn)
A bit too much going on at times, and it can feel kind of weird at first since all the characters are so big, but it's really fun. Capcom's beatemups spoil us.

A fun beat em up that can be a bit too repetitive but I do like the effort made here as it has some nice ideas for the attacks. Really love the whole build your tank with different weapons and body types. I do kind of wish you didn't have to always pick them back up after a death. It's worth a playthrough with friends if you have the chance.

I didn't realise that 'I Robot' had a Middle Eastern sequel. They called it 'I Ran'.