Assassin's Creed Origins

released on Oct 26, 2017

For the last four years, the team behind Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag has been crafting a new beginning for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Set in Ancient Egypt, players will journey to the most mysterious place in history, during a crucial period that will shape the world and give rise to the Assassin’s Brotherhood. Plunged into a living, systemic and majestic open world, players are going to discover vibrant ecosystems, made of diverse and exotic landscapes that will provide them with infinite opportunities of pure exploration, adventures and challenges.

Powered by a new fight philosophy, Assassin's Creed Originsembraces a brand new RPG direction where players level up, loot, and choose abilities to shape and customize their very own skilled Assassin as they grow in power and expertise while exploring the entire country of Ancient Egypt.

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I originally played and beat this game back in late 2018 but with the addition of all the assassins creed games to PS+ I decided to go back and do everything in this game. The main story was absolutely fantastic minus a few plot points I felt could be done better and some minor nitpicks the story being told was absolutely phenomenal. Although that's where my main praise for this game ends this game started a path for the series of Assassins creed that ruined the franchise for longtime fans which as one was very sad to see. I won't sit here and act like I don't enjoy the new combat system because I do, I honestly enjoy the new system a lot. Although the addition of forcing the player to engage in often at times mediocre side missions and the unbelievable amount of clearing enemy locations that feels beyond repetitive half way through clearing all of them. This games main content is absolutely fantastic and I wish all of the game was more like that. It might seem from my complaints of the side content that I absolutely hated this game but that statement cant be farther from the truth. This game was a step in the right direction, and an amazing breath of fresh air after Syndicate but that's all it was for the series. Immediately after it they slipped, stumble, and fell into the bottomless pits of hell with Odyssey but I wont go into my problems with Odyssey so far in my playthrough of that game. All I have left to say about the game as a whole is it was an amazing breath of fresh air that can keep your enthralled for hours just roaming the beautiful open world of ancient Egypt along with the beautifully written plot but after you finish that plot it becomes extremely repetitive afterwards and you find yourself wondering why you continue to play the game.

I think that if this game had unity's movement it would be absolutely amazing. I liked being able to actually earn the DLC content through missions and the atmosphere and characters in this game were super immersive.

Platinum trophy earned, all quests completed. The year's break has really paid off here. Assassin's Creed Origins brings a huge, detailed recreation of Ancient Egypt and an enjoyable reinterpretation of the previously-typical gameplay loop and combat mechanics, allowing both a more action-focused take in gameplay and more freeform stealth, depending on your preference. The revenge-based plot could be a little stronger, but the distinctive characters and likeable protagonists help to offset that.

I still prefer the older, less RPG focused, games
But with a clear influence on The Witcher 3 and a really solid story, it ended up being a pleasant surprise.
Could not get arsed to get 100% achievements but did every sidequest and main mission. Was a bit too long and dragged a bit by the end.

De magnitud excesiva y contenido trivial e irrelevante, presenta un enfoque RPGero no del todo balanceado y de relativa satisfacción con el paso de las horas, y su elaborada ambientación no consigue tapar un guión disperso y con problemas de ritmo.

Origins wasn't bad but it couldn't keep my interest, love bayek though so I'll eventually get back to this game