Bad End Theater

released on Oct 26, 2021

Welcome to Bad End Theater! Select your protagonist and explore a variety of terrible fates! The decisions you make in one story will affect the others. you can toggle these behaviors to open up new paths! unfortunately, every path leads to a bad ending... Can you find a way to save this unlucky cast? Playtime: 2-3 hours to see all endings (it's a puzzle game, so this varies widely).

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визуальная навела с элементам головоломки, где нужно открывать разные варианты развитея истории, меняя поведение четырех главных играбельных героев. Идея просто супир, есть забавние моменты, есть кринжовый деконструкт, но он миня не сильно смутил... пусть уж будет, смерится можно..

This review contains spoilers

He tenido que marcarlo como spoiler porque, por desgracia, el único fallo que le veo un juego así... es su mala suerte.
Si este juego hubiera salido en 2014 o 15, antes de Undertale y la oleada de juegos meta que rompen el destino... Este juego estaría en la mente de muchos. Sus experiencias con este juego serían mejores. Así que envidio a la gente que no tiene su cerebro tan lleno de estos juegos como un servidor
Un juego barato, sencillo de entender (más o menos, es posible que te líes con las opciones de ruta), bonito y con una música de la hostia.
Y la historia pensaba que no me estaba llegando, que estaba viendo a personajes morir una y otra vez... Pero llega. No me ha llegado tan fuerte como otras historias hasta que... Haces la parte final de este juego. Joder no podái parar de sonréir.
Recomendado para todos aquellos fans de este tipo de jueguitos.

A fun, narrative puzzle game which tells an engaging story in an interesting way!
As the player welcomed to the theatre, you're introduced to four characters. Each of them follows the same story, with a different story branch. As you go down different routes you unlock new behaviours, which then affects what the character does in other runs! Only one thing remains the same: there are no good endings.
There is also a second story that begins once you start to complete the story branches. I found this one sweet - though a bit corny at points.
Mechanically the game is structured nicely! The menus are easy to navigate between, and the fast forward option works well. The branch menu gives enough guidance for you to work out what to do next, without completely holding your hand.
I greatly enjoyed the art style of the game, and though there isn't lots of music, what was there elevated the mood really well!
There's only one or two achievements that might be easy to miss, most are achieved simply through playing the game.
It's a sweet game, with a surprisingly heartwarming story at its core and fun gameplay to back it up <3

Very good story featuring 6 characters: the Hero, the Maiden, the Underling, the Overlord, You! and Tragedy. In this game, you have to replay multiple bad endings in Tragedy's Bad End Theater in hopes of finding a good ending somewhere. I can't say much else about the game without spoiling it, but I highly recommend you try it out for yourself!
Final note: 10/10

Very original concept with cute characters and a well executed story. I also liked the simple yet powerful conclusion of the tragedy ending. My only problem with the game is that the way you find some of the endings is quite messy so you might need a guide (or slam options against the wall until you get the one you are missing)

would love to consider this mastered but i have all but one achievement and i cannot for the life of me figure out which one im missing. otherwise! a very fun game where there's a bunch of different routes because you can individually pick the roles each character has, which can lead to you unlocking more roles for those same characters. usually with games like these that offer a bunch of choices and outcomes, some routes are more lackluster than others, but with bad end theater i felt like each route was given the care and detail it needed since its a shorter game :)