released on Jun 29, 1998

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released on Jun 29, 1998

In this 3D platformer, the heroic but naive bear Banjo enlists his cowardly bird buddy Kazooie to help rescue his younger sister from a vain, beauty-stealing witch. The player is tasked with exploring the witch's lair and the nine large, open levels within it, looking for tasks and challenges to complete. Along the way they meet a variety of characters who teach them new moves and transform them into different animals. Modeled after Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie is distinguished by its cheeky and sarcastic sense of humor and by a large, varied, and novel moveset.

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Do I need to say more?

PD: Good old RARE, rest in peace.

De niño no se qué carajos le pasó a su cartucho original, ya que lo recuerdo haber tenido, y recuerdo los primeros 2 niveles. Pero tengo la teoría de que alguien que vino a mi casa lo robo, pero en fin. Luego ya por 2011 lo pude volver a jugar. Y desde entonces todos los años me lo hago 1 o dos veces. El carisma que tiene el juego, sus personajes, cada mundo, siendo un juego sencillo pero divertido, que puedo tomarme con calma y disfrutar de lo que me ofrece, es algo que adoro. El único defecto que le veo es que hay unos pseudo jefes que mas bien los siento como un tutorial glorificado que son jodidamente cutres. Cosa que tooei mejoraría a mi parecer enormemente (pero siendo un juego algo más paja a mi parecer). Pero El primero por su sencillez, diversión asegurada y carisma, es algo que se quedará grabado en mi para siempre

Speaking from a place of zero nostalgia, Banjo Kazooie is a fantastic 3D platformer that, while being far from perfect mechanically, still holds up as a very enjoyable experience today.

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I really wanted to like this game so much. And really, there's a lot to like. The whole style of the game is great, with some really fun dialogue, some awesome music, and some pretty decent level design overall.

But that camera. It was infuriating to deal with. Only really being able to turn it in 8 directions did not work very well in a lot of places, especially towards the end. As well, there's the fact that the camera will sometimes just decide to flip to a random direction if it runs into a wall and that can and will make you fall off of ledges and it's just so annoying and frustrating.
It probably didn't help that I played this game on the Switch online version, with drifting joycons, so precision platforming was near impossible. But even with a good controller, the physics are just so slippery and awkward, that making precise jumps is way harder than it should be.

I think I do still like the game, but that camera really hurt the experience for me.