released on Jul 20, 2011

A hack-and-slash RPG featuring a reactive narrator, various unlockable weapons, weapon upgrades, practice mini-games and optional difficulty modifiers, set in an imaginary world in the aftermath of an uncertain apocalypse, in which the player embodies a teenager with a troubled past as he and the narrator work together to rebuild the world out of a persisting hub called the Bastion.

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Basically Proto-Hades. It's Supergiant so it's good but you can kinda tell it's their first game because there are still some kinks that need to be worked out.

Nice lil indie game which is also Supergiant Games' first game. Great to see how they've perfected their style over the years.

Мне очень нравится музыка в этой игре

The Kid couldn't believe that Bastion was a fascist propaganda game. But it was true, just as true as when Zulf stole my tummy pills on a moonlit morn.

This review contains spoilers

Supergiant Games's first outing and man...what a game this is. The story is rich, the gameplay is fun, and Logan Cunningham does a phenomenal job of guiding you through the game with his earthy narration. It's short, sweet, and manages to hold your attention the entire time.
The different upgrades, weapons, and shrine idols all help gameplay feel varied and involved. The game allows you to choose how difficult you want your experience to be.
100%: The hardest bunch will be completing the various Dreams with 5+ or all 10 shrine idols invoked. The Score Attack achievement can also be a bit tricky. These achievements do take some practice, but they are certainly doable.

Es hermoso y lo quiero jugar más en algún momento para sacar más cosas.