Battle Arena Toshinden

released on Jan 01, 1995

Get Ready To Rumble!

The Toshin Daibukai tournament has arrived. Ten of the toughest fighters in the world are taking part in the most grueling slugfest known to man. To win, each combatant must be completely focused. One slip and their fate is sealed. Who will be crowned the champion? That is up to you. So get off your duff and get ready for the fight of your life with Battle Arena Toshinden!

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It was used as a tech demo to sell the new 32bit consoles at the time, but once you get past its graphics abusing Gouraud shading to avoid the blockish 3D of Virtua Fighter, there's really not much interesting things to play there.

Definitely feels like an early 3D fighter, but I don't think I hate it. Lacks the fluidity of its contemporaries, but after getting a grasp of it, I was really able to get into it. I don't hate it, and probably the only reason I look back on this so fondly is because the game I played before this was the original Dynasty Warriors which might be the worst fighting game I've ever played.

This game is bad. The graphics are too simplistic, The stages uninspired and the combat is clunky. But there is a charm in the character design, made by a famous Japanese pornographic artist at the time. When I was a kid I play it for fun, but as an adult play only to know PlayStation history

A game that has aged like milk. Its slow, clunky and can feel unrespponsive at times. But this is a 3D fighting game from 95 and it has its charms. The game is still perfectly playable and I enjoyed my run through the arcade mode. There are far worse 3D fighting games on the playstation.