Battle Chasers: Nightwar

released on Oct 03, 2017

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an American made JPRG and dungeon-crawler, based on the best-selling Battle Chasers comic series by Joe Maduriera and inspired by JPRG greats such as Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, and Phantasy Star. It was developed by Airship Syndicate, funded through Kickstarter and published by THQ Nordic. The game features beautiful environments; a gorgeously animated strategic turn-based combat system; and hand-crafted dungeon rooms which are randomly arranged for a different experience each time. Players will battle enemies, find secrets, solve puzzles and explore the world.

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How the hell did I get here, I don't play RPGs or anything turn-based. But I guess this one's alright. Lots of enemies, lots of areas, it's just pretty in general. Story is what you'd expect and I'm terrible at this so I just had to grind a lot.

Battle Chasers is a game I would probably like at a different point in time. It has a lot of systems that reward exploring every place, fighting a lot of enemies and even replaying dungeons, but the problem is being willing to spend the time.
One of the systems I love is the bestiary, aside from recording the monsters you defeat, it grants bonuses for defeating many of them. The systems I don't like generally revolve around items, it tries to be Diablo without going all the way and ends up being unrewarding and sometimes even pointless.
The art is beautiful, the character designs are cool, and the world map in particular is quite nice to look at and navigate, if anything the art makes me want to play the game more than the actual gameplay.
I wish the game moved more quickly, benched party members don't get XP, item progression feels bad, and after playing for 18 hours I feel like I got what I came for, I don't need to see the finish line.

This review contains spoilers

El sistema de combate es descente, el resto es muy mediocre, personajes hyper genericos, historia muy simple y agarrada de los pelos, el final no es realmente un final. No me gustó para nada.

I'm gonna be honest, this was way too hard for me to enjoy. I played 8 hours, got to Junktown, and I was just unable to keep up with the difficulty level of the game. Even the fishing gets way harder, with my fishing pole unable to even reel in the fish I catch - and I got the pole from the Collector as well, so I thought it was special and powerful. It also doesn't help that the overall movement speed of the characters is really fucking slow, so you have to slowly trek through every dungeon room, slowly trek across the world map every time you get killed - slowly trekking everywhere. If there was like a sprint button, at least, that would have alleviated the issue somewhat, but it still wouldn't have been enough to keep me going with this one.

A pretty solid RPG that cuts out a lot of fluff. It also has decent fishing.