Battlefield 1942

released on Sep 10, 2002

Building upon and vastly refining the ideas from Codename Eagle, Battlefield 1942 let players engage in infantry combat and get behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles from submarines to battleships and bombers. The game introduced the signature Battlefield rock-paper-scissors gameplay, as well as the exciting “Battlefield Moments” people refer to when talking about their unique and unscripted experiences within the multiplayer game.

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Jank as hell but fun, what a classic.

Kickstarted my GOAT multiplayer game series with an epic chaotic clownshow explosion through the legendary Wake demo.
Think it may have been my first online multiplayer experience. But I did not feel alone in having my mind blown as everyone seemed to be running around like hyperactive lunatics beaching the carrier and taking turns flying planes into that one tree on the runway.
This game was amazing.

pra época é um jogo mt bom e bem legal, nao esperava muita coisa, mas a formula base do battlefield de jogar com jatos, jips...etc, começou aqui, e isso é muito foda
vale a pena jogar

Amazing game for the time. Favourite game as a kid. The amount of fun i had is incredible

You can control the spawn aircraft carriers and smash them into each other

First game I ever touched, many hours played, nostalgia hits hard and the first Battlefield. It deserves no less than a 3 stars from me.