Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

released on Aug 25, 2021

A narrative-driven puzzle game about collecting, fixing and painting. Enjoy the scenery en route in the world of Behind the Frame, and search for the secrets within. Recollect memories in the time corridor, and savor some beautiful little moments. Combining escape rooms and narrative games, Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery presents a profoundly interactive storytelling of characters' emotions and plot development. With 360° panorama techniques and an exquisite hand-painted art style, the game takes you into the world of Behind the Frame.

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The animations are so well made and the story is so well narrated through the gameplay... Game's a bit short but worth playing just for the nice art and cozy vibes.

Ik it's not 5/5
But damn this hurts

A beautiful little game which is well worth the time.

This game is currently in the Humble Choice for May 2023, this is part of my coverage of the bundle. If you are interested in the game and it's before June 6th, 2022, consider picking up the game as part of the current monthly bundle.
A beautifully told hour-long story.
Behind the Frame is gorgeous, there are beautiful animated scenes that will play along with a solid point-and-click puzzle game that’s pretty reasonable in difficulty. There are a ton of a-ha moments. There’s also an interesting narrative being told here, where… honestly, I’m not sure exactly what the story is. I’ve heard three different interpretations from what I took away, and I’m quite glad that the game doesn’t give a firm answer, but is left open to the player to understand.
That being said, I’m already done with Behind the Frame and finished in that first hour. That’s short, reminding me of games like Gorogoa, but also like Gorogoa, this is a beautiful experience, and it’s touching to the point where I’d consider replaying it, especially with the story that may need a second playthrough to consider.
Pick this up if you want a beautiful art-filled game. This is unique in several ways, and the puzzles are solid. While the game is short, this is a title I’ll probably think about for some time. In that way, it reminds me of Her Story, a game that I love, but also will just sit around considering the story. Behind the Frame is short but memorable.
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This game fucked me up fuck you for making me cry

This Is The Closest Thing We'll Have To A Ghibli Video Game And I Love It