released on Aug 21, 2007

BioShock is a horror-themed first-person shooter set in a steampunk underwater dystopia. The player is urged to turn everything into a weapon: biologically modifying their own body with Plasmids, hacking devices and systems, upgrading their weapons, crafting new ammo variants, and experimenting with different battle techniques are all possible. The game is described by the developers as a spiritual successor to their previous PC title System Shock 2. BioShock received high praise in critical reviews for its atmospheric audio and visual quality, absorbing and original plot and its unique gaming experience.

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wow this game surprised me on a lot of ways. the world of rapture is so interesting and beautiful, the time period makes this game stand out a lot, and the environments are dark dingy and creepy. the twist at the end actually got me and with your powers you can experiment so much which makes each fight almost like a puzzle you can solve. great game and a must play if your into shooters.

I cannot put to words about how this game is so unique and special... just fucking play it.

Me he tenido que forzar bastantes veces para terminarlo por falta de ganas, pero bueno. No me dice nada, la historia me parece normalita y el jefe final una mierda. El mundo está bastante bien y es entretenido explorar por ahí y piratear máquinas. Realmente no se me ocurre más que comentar ahora mismo, puede que desarrolle en un futuro más.
(He jugado la versión Remastered. Supongo que se ve mejor pero me ha hecho repetir dos secciones del juego por petar así que odio eterno)

Would you kindly let me replay this masterpiece again for the first time?