Blast Wind

released on Jan 17, 1997

Blast Wind is a shoot-'em-up game released exclusively in Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1997.

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other than that this game is fucking SICK

I almost gave this four stars, but felt like it deserved an additional half of one just because I like the cute little skitter that the people and some of the robots do.
Doesn't do anything too terribly standout, but I think it was put together really well. Kinda weird that this isn't an arcade port, it feels so much like one.
I really like the route change system it has going on.

Feels like a crisp PC Engine shooter on steroids, very good!

Perhaps the funniest conclusion any videogame ever, is humanity in it's entirety, acknowledging that you were such a fucking force of nature dispatching the aliens (only after the 1cc), that despite winning the war, they should collectively abandon ALL use of all technology, afraid of ever reaching a point in which something like you could happen again and rebel against them. Ted Kaczynski would be so proud.