An action RPG in which the player embodies a Hunter who, after being transfused with the mysterious blood local to the city of Yharnam, sets off into a "night of the Hunt", an extended night in which Hunters may phase in and out of dream and reality in order to thin the outbreak of abominable beasts that plague the land and, for the more resilient and insightful Hunters, uncover the answers to the Hunt's many mysteries.

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This game was the first soulsborne game that I played and boy I was not ready for what this game put me through. The first few hours are really challenging for new players but once you have mastered the combat, with enough patience this game can actually be quite easy. When you start a second play through you obliterate the first bosses like they are nothing. Definitely worth a play through and maybe one day I’ll give the dlc a go.

im just bad at it ill finish it one day

Fuckin awesome, existential horror/gothic dark souls

Unmatched atmosphere and boss fights, superb level design, excellent environmental story telling and great NPCs.

I think the level design is still better in Dark Souls 1 and the NPCs are a toss-up but the Lovecraftian atmosphere just connects with me on a different level.