released on Sep 16, 2021

A serial killer is terrorizing the city, and Sara's deadbeat boyfriend hasn't done the laundry. Can Sara survive a late-night trip to the laundromat, or will the Womb Ripper perform an early delivery?

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Fantastic at making the mundane feel terrifying even before anything even happens, with those constant walks across the car park being especially chilling despite nothing happening. The mere act of existing and feeling so vulnerable as you're just exploring the plaza to pass the time being absolutely chilling is a great move in effectively replicating the general sense of anxiety that one can very easily have when walking anywhere alone at night and ended up making for a great bit of atmosphere. I also loved how many different little distractions were scattered around during this section, whether it was the multiple comics, the minigames, or just discovering more context about the laundromat and a string of mysterious killings, it all felt far more fleshed out than I was expecting for a game so small. While a decent portion of the more conventional horror content somewhat paled in comparison to me, despite still having some very strong vibes, the final confrontation was fantastically tense and made the whole thing worth it to me. Worth a play!

The Creepy Guy's voice actor pissed me off omfg can we get this theatre kid out of the studio

has the energy of old horror movies i love it

trasheira ruim, nem pra dar uns sustos massa isso dá.

Terror trash bem no estilo Puppet Combo, os gráficos ''feios'' e sons estridentes ajudam muito no jumpscare.
Confesso que tive que dar uma pausa durante a gameplay por estar muito tenso, eu tenho problemas reais com esses jogo de ''terror de cotidiano'', principalmente com gráficos de PS1.