Boneraiser Minions

released on Aug 05, 2022

Amass an army of deamonic undead to fight endless waves of heroes intent to end your boneraising ways! In this gothic-horror auto-battle roguelite, use the bones of slain heroes to raise your minions, collect powerful relics and spells, and unlock meta upgrades, all to survive King Gigald's crusade!

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as far as vampire survivors type games go this is one of the best to come out. if you like this genre this is a must-play

Untill we have a name for this type of genre I'll just call this Bullet Heaven Survivor (just roll with it)
Yes, it is inspired by the same mechanics and loop of vampire survivors but with several twists, mainly instead of weapons you summon minions that can be both lvled up during a game or melded / grafted into better versions.
So for example 1 archer minion can be max leveled into a demon that shoots lasers, grafted with another minion into a big skelleton that shoots piercing arrows. or melded with another minion that turns it into a revolver-weilding minion.
This goes for a lot of other minions so there's a lot of variety in what you can build. Also the game is pretty charming with its writing, art style and specially music. I Highly recommend it!

Taketh thy art, raiseth thy bon'r, sweaty haste headlong and plunge deep into thy enemies!
Square on the ov'rwhelming hoards. F'r thee shall doth m're than butting heads and raising the dead!
Art thee eft to crosseth swords?
Vampire Survivors push forward the roguelite auto-battler genre, that's starting to over saturate with copy cats, but out of those copy cats. There's of the few enjoyable and unique games that stand out from the rest, Boneraiser Minions is one of them. Personally I like this more than Vampire Survivors. Wonderful retro OST, charming 8-bit artstyle, in-dept/engaging mechanics and more importantly. It's skilled based that doesn't just require directional movement.
Good variety of classes to pick from, nice "outfits to choose from, different game modes, with alot of content for a cheap price tag and it still gets frequent updates!
For a game that was created by a solo dev that stays in touch with their community.
I highly recommend trying out this game.

An okay buy for the price, but lacks content. There are a lot of systems at play that initially seem really cool and like they might become something interesting until you realize that what you see when you unlock them is all that there is. You can build traps in your mausoleum - Cool! Until you realize that maybe two of them do anything useful. There are a bunch of minion archetypes - Neat! Except that almost every archetype is about combining your guys to get bigger guys, and there will only be one type of biggest guy that you'll be aiming for every run. Runs become repetitive very quickly as a result, because you always end up with 2-3 copies of the one biggest possible guy, one or two small guys to buff your big guys, and then a miscellaneous mash of trash minions that barely matter.
Meta progression is bizarrely paced and honestly just feels completely out of place in a lot of aspects. Classes all have a grid of 10-12 passives that can be unlocked with a unique meta-currency and I have no idea why this is even in the game. One class can dump meta currency into its passives to upgrade them and it feels like every class should have this as an option. In practice it takes 1-2 runs to earn enough meta currency to unlock all of a new class's skills, and you will never play a class before unlocking all of its skills. The other meta-progression currency, gold, is given to you at an insane rate that makes it nearly impossible to keep track of what you're actually unlocking. You're showered with enough gold per run to buy 10-20 upgrades across four different progression paths. Some early upgrades are game changers, but by the end of the game you're just buying tons of obvious filler upgrades after every run that add 10 more seconds of trash mobs to a wave of enemies that you won't even be looking at, or you'll be buying your fifth upgrade that raises the amount of one kind of minion you can summon.
The constant onslaught of boner humor is also just a pain. I'd be inclined to give the game more of a pass if it wasn't so in-your-face obnoxious. The game's cheap, so it has that going for it, but even at 4 bucks it's hard to recommend.

This sure is "one of those" and yeah, it's fine. Not offensively bad, does what these games do but doesn't do any of it in a particularly interesting or banner way. Played 2 and a half hours of it and think I'm done. Thought I could play the bullethell-arena-roguelike genre or whatever the hell you want to call it forever but this squashed that thought. Best thing I can say about it is that I really liked the music. I don't think it fits the vibe of the game but it did make me very nostalgic for gameboy music in a way that most other chiptune stuff doesn't.

With the most recent update, the game has changed pretty significantly and for the better! It has vastly more content than before, and I'm finding myself wanting to try all the new characters and try different builds. Definitely becoming a new favorite of mine. You never know where the next innuendo will pop up.