Boomerang X

released on Jul 08, 2021

Armed with a magical boomerang, slice, fly, and dive through flocks of evil creatures in this acrobatic arena shooter. Obliterate wave after wave and journey ever downwards into the shadows.

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This game is sick. It is essentially a series of arena's where you face waves of enemies with just your boomerang. You only have to kill a handful of the enemies though so you get the fun of facing a horde of enemies without the tedium of killing them all. What makes the game great though is the mobility you get. You quickly get the abilities to jump to your boomerang and slow down time which allows you to practically fly. It's stupidly fun and satisfying to fly across the room to get behind an enemy and hit their weak point using the time slow. The enemy variety and arena variety is also quite good notably.

I wanted to give the game 4 stars, but their are a couple issues with the switch version. The first problem is that the camera controls on pad feel quite rough. It feels like I don't quite have the precision I want. The gyroscope controls do alleviate this issue though. The second problem I had was that the game crashed on me TWICE at the same exact moment during the final boss. I didn't attempt third time after that, so maybe it was a coincidence, but fool me twice ya know. I imagine these problem aren't really a thing on the PC version though.

why is it so short why is it so fucking short why does god hate us why cant we kill it

Managed to get two thirds of the way through before the intensity got to me. I like difficult games with quick restarts, but X will have you routinely making it to the last few waves before wiping out. As much as I wished there were mid-level checkpoints, there’s just no way the developers intended it to be played that way or else they’d been readily implemented. Shame as it totally would’ve been the thing to keep me going til the end.

Sick game with sick movement. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, I really liked how it never felt visually cluttered despite lots of things going on in the last few chapters. I wish there was more content

baller ass game, hopefully the cliffhanger ending means a sequel's in the works