released on Jan 14, 2015

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released on Jan 14, 2015

Box Boy! is a platform game in which players control a box-shaped character named Qbby as he makes his way through each level. The source of the game's mechanics come from Qbby's ability to spawn boxes out of his body, the number of which varies between each level. These boxes can spread out in whatever direction is possible to make various shapes and can either be carried or thrown and pushed around. The boxes have various uses, such as allowing players to reach high ledges or cross large gaps, holding down switches, or blocking deadly lasers. Additionally, by hooking these boxes onto a ledge while Qbby is still attached, he can pull himself up.

Each level features one or more crowns, which can be collected with advanced play but will become uncollectable if the player uses too many boxes during a level. These crowns unlock additional worlds as the game progresses. Medals obtained from clearing each level can be spent on extras, such as costumes, technique manuals, and bonus levels.

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Veredito: carismático, simples e direto.

Boxboy é o clássico jogo de portátil à moda antiga: poucas mecânicas, partidas curtas, não é muito ambicioso nem faz nada revolucionário. E tudo bem. Foi claramente feito pra matar o tempo no busão ou na fila do banco, não pra te envolver em uma história super épica. Sua mecânica central (praticamente a única) é criar fileiras de caixas para atravessar as fases, seja usando de ponte, de escudo ou de 'corda com gancho'.

...e é só isso. Tem uma trilha sonora bacana, gráficos simplórios e fofinhos, e alguns colecionáveis que desbloqueiam tanto skins bonitinhas como fases extras de desafio pra quem quiser. É relaxante, simpático, divertido e isso é suficiente.

A charming little puzzle game that really forces you to think on your feet about how to use the boxes.

BOXBOY is an interesting mix of puzzle and platforming. It features a large array of levels and optional challenges which allow for a ton of replayability. In particular, I really liked the challenge of clearing levels as efficiently as possible.