Bravely Default

released on Dec 05, 2013
Bravely Default

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Bravely Default

released on Dec 05, 2013

Bravely Default follows the story of main character Tiz, a humble shepherd and the lone survivor of a cataclysmic event, as he joins a group of loyal companions on a journey to restore balance to the world. The battle system is what differentiates Bravely Default from other RPGs. Here players can strategically choose when to initiate two complementary commands: Brave and Default. This innovative system encourages players to think carefully about strategy during every enemy encounter. Selecting "Brave" lets players increase the number of actions a character can take in a turn, while "Default" allows players to store actions for later use.

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+The antagonists get solid character development progressively
+Blood-pumping Soundtrack courtesy of REVO
+Job System (and I "Bravely" admit that it's a plus by "Default" huehuehue)

Excellent, j'ai adoré l'histoire, la musique et le gameplay !

Bravely Default is a game that truly lives up to it's title because while it still feels like the same JRPG we have come to expect from Square Enix; it has the courage to give us a new battle system, multiplayer experiences, and a story that all feels so familiar, but experiments far too much to be considered the same thing. Bravely Default is truly a rebirth of what a JRPG can be, and what some imagination outside the box can do for any given genre that is getting a little too old for it's own good. With a well written story, an amazing score soundtrack by REVO, and a lot of ideas that tie up together so wonderfully Bravely Default is a must for anyone!

The job system is super fun and the final battle blew my mind. Yeah the second half is tedious but sometime you have to suffer to get to the good stuff

Shits the bed really hard, but I had a good time