Bubsy 3D

released on Nov 26, 1996

Bubsy 3D is the fourth Bubsy game to date, and the only title in 3D; the game was released in 1996 for the PlayStation video game console. It is a sequel to the original in terms of the story and takes place on the Woolies' home planet, Rayon. Bubsy 3D has 16 main levels and two boss levels and the main character's goal is to defeat the two queens of Rayon, Poly and Esther. The player can collect rockets, as well as atoms, in order to eventually escape from planet Rayon. The graphics are very simplistic, even for their time, with a dense fog that covers entire levels throughout the game. Bubsy actively speaks throughout the game based on various actions performed by the player. Planned releases for the Sega 32X and Sega Saturn were cancelled.
Bubsy 3D was panned by both critics due to its confusing control schemes and camera angles. It was featured on Seanbaby's EGM Crapstravaganza: The 20 Worst Games of All Time list as well as in eighth place on GameTrailers' 2006 Top 10 Best and Worst Games list, where it was described as "a terrible, terrible clone".

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It says paws when you pause the game

Bubsy 3D is essentially the After Last Season of video games. It’s an aesthetic of pure artifice. A work that’s unmistakably on the opposite end of the conventional ideal. Does that really make it bad, though? Of course it’s nigh impenetrable, uncomfortable, and actively hates the player at every turn, but beyond all of this is a generally cohesive piece that manages to capture an extremely distinct hyperreality. Not despite its incomprehensible existence, but directly as a result of it. From a design standpoint, virtually everything about this game is made to be as counterintuitive as possible. It urges the player to question their own reality as a basis for what they wish to see within the medium. If art requires effort to imitate reality in even the most minor of ways, what exactly would a lazy reality look like? Viewing the world as nothing but a bunch of shapes and flat colors makes sense for a utilitarian environment, but what makes the detail in our reality so beautiful in return? Gamers simply aren’t ready to ask themselves these questions because they’re too caught up in having opinions about things to look at what art can be instead of what it should be. Bubsy 3D is the perfect game for the people who won’t shut up about how bad it is, and when they’re trapped in hell forced to play it on repeat for all eternity I’ll be the one with the last laugh.

Actually made me want to vomit.

Oh look, an arrow! Aren't these game designers wonderful?
I respect it. Bubsy is a character I can't help but enjoy just a little, his very annoying and exaggerated personality sticks out to me. It's enjoyable in a similar way to Gex for me. This game is definitely bad but it's kind of a spectacle how bad it is, so I think you can definitely enjoy it if you have the mindset for it and maybe play it with some friends around. It's honestly probably more fun than the other Bubsy games in that sense.
With like absolutely no other examples on how to make a 3D platformer at the time I feel like I can definitely respect the effort. It's not worth treating as the worst game of alltime, in my opinion, as it did have very earnest intentions. It feels honest. It just uh... would have been good if they perhaps polished it a bit longer... just a bit.... But like yeah, I can't see this game as completely abhorent. It's funny. There's games that are worth hating far more.

This game is Satan. It's like getting the death penalty in Hell. The controls are awful.. and the soundtrack sounds like it was composed in Mario Paint without any idea of how to use the program. All of the bad puns make me wanna PAW my hair out. I can't stand this game, and I would rate it zero stars if I could.
All the levels look like test levels, and the enemies are placed right in your butthole in case you wanna avoid them. On top of that, the camera really sucks. Two player mode is not redeeming whatsoever.
Oh, by the way-- no matter if you get the good ending or the bad ending, you literally meet the same fate. Don't even finish the game. The "Game Over" screen is the true good ending.