Capcom Arcade Stadium

released on Feb 17, 2021
by Capcom

Rediscover the era of 1up's and quarter eaters with Capcom Arcade Stadium, a collection of Capcom's most beloved arcade games spanning three decades! With 32 action-packed classics featuring some of the best games in Capcom history, such as Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and Strider, this compilation of retro games allows you to travel back in time to scratch that nostalgic itch or share your fond childhood memories with friends or family members!

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Excelente collection y tiene el modo invensible!

(review wip)
This game saved my childhood.
When i was younger i used to play lots and lots of my favourite Capcom arcade games in Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 for the PlayStation 2 which uncovered for me Capcom's past in videogames before actually knowing Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and all those successful franchises that shaped up milions of fans around the world, but years ago i sold the PlayStation 2 alongside all of my games, at inferior price. I don't remember why i did that, but back then i had lost interest playing consoles when i was a bunch of years younger before i wrote this review.
When i basically thought there weren't chances for Capcom to re-release their arcade games in these days, Capcom restarted re-releasing their old arcade yet again starting with the Beat Em Up Bundle, then getting into the core of it by releasing Capcom Arcade Stadium, which however lacked the gallery features in favor of including multiplayer features such as Online High Scores, challenges, etc.
Capcom Arcade Stadium relies on building up a collection of essential arcade games that shaped up their history, starting from the early 1980s till the early 2000s.

Estava como "gratuito" na Xbox Gold e eu inocente achei que o game todo seria "free", no estilo do "Rare Replay". Mas a vasta coletânea de games só pode ser jogada se você pagar, apenas o game "1943 The Battle of Midway" é realmente gratuito. O que desanima é o preço do game, R$ 177,73, quase 200 pila num emulador SEM Multiplayer (e NÃO é possível escolher o jogo especifico pra comprar, e sim packs de jogos divididos por ano de lançamento, cada um por R$ 65,21).

I like both of these Capcom Arcade money shill games tbh, I think they’re cool idk.

Being able to pay for individual games for 2 bucks? -> GREAT.
This shitty ass stuttery emulation? -> HELL NAW.
The only redeeming thing that could've saved this release was the possibility of legally acquiring the ROM files, but I tried unpacking Progear's ROM and I wasn't able to U_U
What a waste.

It's nice to be able to legitimately purchase Arcade games and Capcom Arcade Stadium comes with some extra stuff that you either won't find or is hard to setup on other emulators (although it's way less efficient than something like MAME).
However, the pricing model is pretty bad, not because the games are expensive, but because you might have to buy 10 games to get the one you want. It's the cable television of classic game collections! The packs are grouped by year of release too instead of something more intuitive like genre or franchise.
Eventually, the store was updated so ROMs can be purchased individually for $2 each which is a lot better, but as I'm writing this the release of Capcom Arcade Stadium 2 is coming soon so I'm skeptical that this is a good way to preserve Arcade games.
I don't want to encourage piracy, but if this is the alternative then it's not hard to see why people prefer MAME.