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Carrion is a reverse horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous alien being. Use your unique otherworldly abilities to your advantage and hunt down your prey!

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This game sells a particular fantasy. Don't you just wanna burn it all down sometimes?

I think it delivers on this. Like one of my other favorite metroidvanias, Gato Roboto, it's in and out in a couple of play sessions. Power ups are satisfying, exploration has just enough twists to hide that it is fairly linear, and it was cool not equipping or crafting a single thing.

Things I didn't like:
-There is no map. This is only a problem maybe once in the game, but the feeling that you MIGHT get lost is everpresent. Is this a good feeling to have for a game like this? If this were La-Mulana, getting deeply lost in a chasm of puzzles and passages is the selling point. For a 4 hour gore fest, not so much.
-The controls I go back and forth on. You're controlling a toothy blob; the issues of traversal arent the usual "can i jump here" or "can i climb this" but "how do i move this. For a different set of skills and problems, Carrion does a pretty good job, it just gets a bit mushy in chaotic combat situations.

Looks good, good art, but the gameplay is dry as a bone.

While Carrion features some insane sprite work, the game itself left me a bit wanting as well as the story.

Caso você não se dedique à imersão e esqueça de se sentir um monstro de filme de terror antigo, se torna apenas comer coisas e ativar alavancas. Mas não foi meu caso, por isso a nota.

Devo dizer que o level design é inteligente, não me senti perdido por nenhum segundo, se você seguir seus instintos e confiar no jogo, ele te guia muito bem. Ótimo indie.

There really just isn't enough here for how long it lasts. The premise is great for about an hour, then it begins to wane. I was hoping for a feeling of properly corrupting the place. The idea of spreading your poison throughout. But it's more about just floating around munching stuff and flipping switches.

I got that thing where after a while I didnae see myself as a monster attacking humans fleeing for their lives. My eyes glazed over and I was just a generic blob absorbing wee squares that were moving around. I kept waiting for a moment of getting bigger and bigger, bursting out to the surface at 100 times your initial size and beginning to move across the globe as a credits stinger hits. But naw. Go down the corridor, flip the switch, eat the dudes, repeat.

It's never a good sign when you find yourself googling "How to beat x" and the top result is an article titled just that, and is about two paragraphs long, one of which is the writer going "This is poorly signposted". That's what ye get for not putting a map in yer game of hallways.