Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

released on May 06, 2003

The year is 2035 and Soma Cruz is about to witness the first solar eclipse of the 21st century when he suddenly blacks out -- only to awaken inside a mysterious castle. As Soma, you must navigate the castle's labyrinths while confronting perilous monsters at every turn. But beware, you must escape before the evil consumes you!

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First off this was my first Castlevania game I've played any holy shit what a strong start. This game is downright perfect great cast of characters, ost, the story is hilarious, gameplay feels tight and the spirit system is really fun. Few things here and there got annoying but overall just a super strong showing from Castlevania.

-really reminds me of the jim strensum/mook animation scooby doo quadrilogy. Japanese productions aimed squarely at American audiences but like heavily inspired by European imagery and folklore. both kind of walking a very fine tightrope between just all out camp and melodrama. the fucking bats on the home screen just kinda drive these similarities in for me.
-think I finally understand why people like dark souls because of this game. I definitely enjoy the aesthetics of souls games but the unbeatable seeming bosses and far away save states kind of ruin the experience for me. I’ve tried to finish several of them and never can get all the way through for one reason or another. had a moment here fighting death where I was very close to giving up fully, replaying his boss battle again and again on a bus commute, each time getting closer to throwing in the towel. but I was very enamored by this games world and wanted to see it through to the end and so I did, i just kept grinding and learning better attack patterns so I could continue progress. didn’t feel very rewarding or satisfying to actually beat him and I think that’s because it’s not an actually unfair boss and is instead just something you kinda have to learn inside and out. anyhow fuck death, dude sucks.
-game looks so gooooood. beautiful gorgeous sprite work and I love the designs of the monsters and the castle itself. I really like all the main cast, all very charming. fucking yoko one of my all time favorite designs I think and julius is on that revolver ocelot wave. game over screen just so beautiful. everything looks so ornate and this really cool mixture of medieval and modern.
-story is good and cute!! doesn’t take itself too seriously or impose on the player, just cool like background stuff you learn about the characters every once in a while. I saw the menu a couple of nights ago and beyond it’s commentary on class disparity and r slash antiwork type stuff there’s like a real case it’s making for vulgar auteurism as something that’s just pure, something without pretension or irony. I think this is like the video game equivalent of that, no frills just straightforward, I appreciate that.
-also I got reminded of this fucking gba game I played as an infant called rugrats castle capers, baby’s first metroidvania I s2g Lmaoo

A fantastic entry in the franchise and one of the best games on the GBA. Level design is on point. The souls mechanic is really fun to experiment with and adds a unique feel to this game and its sequel Dawn of Sorrow that helps them stand out from other future entries. Exploration is more simple in this game but I wouldn't call it linear or hand holdy. Soundtrack is pretty great despite having to contend with the GBA's soundchip. The art direction is strong in this game and each part of the castle feels unique and different from one another thanks to both the art direction and level design. Certain bosses are a little too simple or basic in this game, but not in a way that feels boring or tedious, and what's in my opinion the best boss fight out of the metroidvanias in the series is in this game. A must play for anyone who's interested in the franchise, the metroidvania genre, or GBA games in general.

muy buen juego, engancha bastante y puedes quetarte muchas horas jugando a el, buena variedad de tanto e armas, habilidades, enemigos etc... excelente historia y mecanicas, uno de los mejores juegos de la saga castlevania que eh jugado.
modos: normal, dificil y boss rush completado.
objetos:armas de todos los modos, todas almas de los mounstros obtenidas.
los que jugaron el juego sabran de lo que hablo.

É inacreditável o quão incrível Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow é. Trazendo uma experiência compacta da fórmula Metroidvanística, mas que é tão sólido e bem feito que não só o coloca como o melhor dentro da trilogia de Castlevania no GBA (e não é por pouca coisa!), mas também como o possível único Castlevania que não é ofuscado pela sombra de Symphony of the Night, sendo um competidor direto ao título de melhor jogo da franquia.
A única coisa que seja mais próxima de um problema em Aria of Sorrow para mim é o sistema de almas do jogo depender, na maioria do tempo, de drops aleatórios, o que faz você ficar preso por um tempo num inimigo caso você não dê sorte. Se você quiser o Chaos Ring, então, nem se fala! Mas fora isso, tudo nesse jogo me encanta: a estrutura e level design do castelo é FENOMENAL, várias almas e armas são úteis e divertidas de usar, os visuais são muito bem feitos em relação a Harmony of Dissonance (que avacalha na paleta de cores exagerada) e Circle of the Moon (que acredito que seja meio simplista e repetitivo demais), a soundtrack é muito boa e tem a minha boss fight favorita de todos os tempos contra Julius Belmont (pura kinografia!).
Sintetizando tudo o que falei: se você ainda não jogou Aria of Sorrow, por qualquer motivo, apenas o faça, pelo amor de Deus. É quase garantido que você vá ter uma experiência muito boa com este.

Castlevania muito daora, achei curto e a trilha sonora não achei cativante mas isso se deve a limitação de áudio do gameboy advance infelizmente, isso ofusca muito, mas em compensação a gameplay metroidvania dele é muito prazerosa de se explorar