Cave Story+

released on Nov 22, 2011

A remake of Cave Story

A fun epic 2D platformer side scroller that brings a refreshing look to not only retro games, but this is what a "Remastered Edition" looks like. Now with multiple endings.

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I've been a fan of this game for just about a decade now. First played it on the 3ds where I liked it so much I completed the hardcore mode and then bought the 3d remake. Such a great game. Wish Nicalis didnt fuck over the developer

Esse jogo definitivamente faz jus ao popular título que ele tem de pai dos jogos indie. Saber que um cara sozinho fez isso tudo em 1999, numa época em que o termo jogo independente nem existia, é muito inspirador. Todo o carinho e amor atribuídos ao desenvolvimento desse game é nítido em todos os momentos dele. A gameplay funciona muito bem e é super divertida, o level design é muito inteligente sabendo ser justo com o jogador e principalmente, a história tem um ritmo muito bom e é super envolvente. Alguns personagens e situações poderiam ter sido melhor construídos, o save manual as vezes atrapalha e o fato de você ser obrigado a ver os mesmos diálogos de uma boss fight toda vez que morre é bem chato mas, mesmo assim, todos esses defeitos podem ser relevados por causa da época que o jogo foi lançado. Eu achei o game muito divertido do início ao fim e posso afirmar que com certeza, o mesmo envelheceu super bem.
Nota: 7/10

"A fun epic 2D platformer side scroller that brings...."
its wasn't fun tho

This review contains spoilers

the waterway has persisted as a standout moment in an otherwise decent game that would have left little impact on me. the track throughout, living waterway, plays a vital role in contextualizing quote as well as the player’s motivation. meandering, directionless, until it finds its footing; meditative with enough forward momentum, like the waterway itself. the quiet, simple ostinato rising and falling in juxtaposition with the snare and plucky, upbeat b section pulls on this tension.
the rushing currents push you forward, but the reflective nature of water demands retrospection.
i didn’t save curly brace in my first playthrough, a likely story for most players, and being thrusted into the waterway immediately afterwards forced me to consider what went wrong. how could i have prevented this? was there anything i could have done? you’re confronted with her death all throughout the level, every time you use her airtank, but the game pushes you forward regardless. what’s done is done. the only thing you can do now is make something of her sacrifice. despite it all, there’s still hope.
of course, you can save curly brace. she’s savable. that action does reframe the moment as more of a catharsis, which isn’t as strong, but given that its likely that most players who don’t already know how to save her won’t do it on their first playthrough, the effect still lands.