Cave Story

released on Dec 20, 2004

A side-scrolling platformer in which a robot traverses a strange world that has been thrown into disorder due to its violent history and a doctor that is attempting to exploit the inhabitants to aid him in his own pursuit for power.

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Sou mt fã de atirar em coelhinhos.

Still a quintessential indie platformer!
It took me a while to get around to beating this. This playthrough was my third time attempting to clear the game, as both of my previous goes at it got interrupted by PC issues, years ago... and it was so, so worth it to have another try at it.
The platforming feels tight, the level design is great and intuitive, the world is charming, the soundtrack hits hard, and the bosses are super fun; this game's got pretty much everything you could want in a platformer.
The final section needed to achieve a good ending is a huge step up in difficulty from anything else in the game, though. While I was okay with it, I could see it being daunting or frustrating for some. It was a lot of fun to learn and master the game's final level, and that last hit on the final phase of the final boss gauntlet was as satisfying as beating a game can get :)

One of the few games where if someone said to me that "Cave Story is the greatest video game ever made," I'd accept that without argument.

The OG of OGs when it comes to indie games, possibly one of my favorite side scrolling action games ever made. The weapons are unique, the music is incredible, and the story is satisfying, especially if you get the true ending. This was one of the earliest games I ever played and one that greatly influenced my tastes going forward.