Cave Story

Cave Story

released on Dec 20, 2004

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Cave Story

released on Dec 20, 2004

A side-scrolling platformer in which a robot traverses a strange world that has been thrown into disorder due to its violent history and a doctor that is attempting to exploit the inhabitants to aid him in his own pursuit for power.

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The father of modern indie games, and my favorite videogame of all time.

This review contains spoilers

I love this game as much, as i hate the Doctor.

Nice and hard gameplay. Has the best chiptune soundtrack I've had the joy of listening to.

Good and unique but didn't capture me

Here's one of those games I saw everybody raving about but didn't really feel the punch of OH WOW THIS IS GREAT

And yet I've bought it at least twice, played through to the early ending, and then again (dropping it shortly before the end cos it kicked my ass). There's something about it that wouldn't leave me be, so I had another go just after Christmas, and there it is. Finished just now and loved every minute.

I like when a game can establish its own little world without battering you over the head with it. You press start, stuff is happening, you're already in the middle of something big, it's not even about you, just do your best to understand and help if you can.

I've immediately started it again so I can save Curly Brace x

The game that created indie games. I’ve still never beat the blood stained sanctuary, but this game is just perfect man