Child of Eden

Child of Eden

released on Jun 14, 2011

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Child of Eden

released on Jun 14, 2011

Child of Eden is the “multi-sensory shooter” that will send players diving into a kaleidoscopic matrix of synchronized music and mind-blowing visuals that will usher forth yet another landmark game experience from the mind of renowned game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, its creator.

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A wing and a prayer, hope takes flight.

A fall through nature both sublime and transcendent, a celebration of life that is gripping and sweet. It was a bit difficult to get through it all with the mist in my eyes, but I come out the other end happy.

Happier than I feel I’ve been. This month was awful for me, and now I just look forward to the next day positively. Happy holidays everyone

This the sequel to REZ yet no one fucking played it.

Probably because it was marketed as a kinect game but this game is great. Sure the art direction isn't as strong as REZ and parts of it just come off and generic EDM but the use of FMV and music still carry it.

I'm Living In Nature
I Touch, I Feel, I Cry

The half-hearted answer game-trivia-havers can give to the non-question: "Man, I wish there was a sequel to Rez".

Absolutely worth checking out for Mizuguchi fans. Nobody knows it exists, because the venn of people willing to pay 60$ for a 3 hour rail shooter and PS Move owners in 2011 was infinitesimal.