Coffee Talk is a coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator about listening to fantasy-inspired modern peoples’ problems, and helping them by serving up a warm drink or two.

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" What if I made a fantasy world where all fantasy races lived in peace "
Me: 🙂🙂🙂
" And then you had a comfy coffee shop with a diverse cast of costumers "
Me: 😄😄😄
" But the world was filled with prejudice and xenophobia "
Me: 😓😓😓
" And they use memes to describe structural racism "
Me: 😞😞😞
" And orcs are like... black people! "
Me: 😔😔😔

Story - 4/5
As a visual novel, this is the main appeal. The main cast of characters is small and easy to follow. They are all charming and come together in ways that make sense.
Graphics - 4/5
Charming pixel graphics
Music - 4/5
Cozy lo fi style music, like you would find in a coffee shop. No voice acting.
Gameplay - 2/5
No choices. You read the story and make drinks. No bugs to speak of.

É um joguinho pra curtir uma vibe relaxante e pegar no sono com diálogos desinteressantes e longos.
Tem pouquíssimos elementos de gameplay, e quando tem não é tão bom.
Tem muita gente elogiando a história, mas eu joguei o jogo todo achando que em algum momento a história fosse engatar, e não engata, o último capítulo é o único que faz alguma coisa minimamente interessante, mas pra falar real parece só uma desculpa pra um jogo bobo, com personagens cansativos.
Acho que o jogo merece pelo menos um 4/10 por sua arte bonita, trilha sonora impecável e sua vibezinha relaxante.

A lovely visual novel, set in an alternative NYC where monsters and humans live together and try to get along most of the time. People will talk to each other and to you, while you’re busy fixing them a hot drink and drawing latte art on top of it. The atmosphere is phenomenal and if you adore lo-fi hip hop, long rainy café nights, gossip and/or barista ASMR, you should be well served with Toge Productions „Coffee Talk.“

It is a nice cozy little game. The characters are awesome and everything about this game just feels relaxing. Don't go into it expecting something super complex though, but I would say that the simplicity of this game adds to the charm of it.