released on Oct 16, 2017

Cogmind is a sci-fi roguelike epic in which you play a robot building yourself from components found or salvaged from other robots. Explore a living, breathing world through turn-based tactical combat, or sneak, hack, and fly your way to victory.

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Cogmind is the best game I have ever played, and I've been playing games for over thirty years. It's a traditional roguelike with a sleek, modern interface that plays like an immersive sim on steroids, and it's a masterclass in game design. It boggles my mind how a game can have that many interesting interlocking systems while being so tightly, thoughtfully and elegantly constructed at the same time.
Don't let the words "Early Access" or "Beta" fool you. Cogmind is huge, deep, polished, practically bugfree, and balanced to near perfection. It should be called "Version 8 Deluxe" or something, but the game's sole creator is a mad but very organized genius who can't bring himself to make a version called 1.0, maybe because he has very high standards and an insane work ethic, or maybe because he just loves his game and its community to death and can't let go.
Anyway, bottom line, I think Cogmind is quite possibly the greatest computer game ever made, I love that we keep getting more of it, and I hope someday in my lifetime I get to play that open-ended space game the developer has teased doing next.

I loved cogmind. It's this deeply strategic and incredible world you get to explore. It has so many secrets and characters. I've played for like 80 hours and I want to play 80 more.