Comet Summoner

released on Sep 06, 1998

Released in Vol 20, Comet Summoner is an action platformer starring Witch. She can fly on her broom and fire comets to defeat enemies.

Based on the popular Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari series, The player controls the Witch as she goes from stage to stage eliminating puyo blobs and fighting the typical stage boss. The player is armed with a broom that can attack enemies up close and magic ring projectiles to shoot at foes.

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Fun platformer where you want to try and get high combos.
Main knock against this game is the final boss. Encourages you to use the cheesiest tactics that weren't needed in the regular levels or previous bosses. Not to mention the length; due to the short length and the many phases of the final boss, you will spend about half of the main story just fighting the final boss.