released on Mar 30, 2006

Contact is a role-playing video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. It was published by Marvelous Entertainment in Japan on March 30, 2006, by Atlus in North America on October 19, 2006, and by Rising Star Games in Australasia and Europe on January 25, 2007 and February 6, 2007 respectively.

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My favorite JRPG of all time. A bizarrely structured and designed game from top to bottom. The story of which is you (yes, you sitting there) and the player character work in tandem to recover gems for a curiously 8-bit professor.
Beyond the story, there's so many weird little parts of this game like the weapons, food items, cooking, lockpicking, fishing, romancing, and even just petting the dog on your freetime that just require you to the same tasks a lot.
It's an unconventional, grindy game that strives more to look and sound wonderful and it definitely stands in an interesting spot with its very rough game design. It often focuses on combat, which is mostly automated and works with you applying stickers for your stats and just having a better weapon/buff set up.
The main draw to me was the story which, I won't spoil, but definitely has some twist and turns that made me wonder if I even did the right thing or what you do through the entire ordeal was actually correct.
A strange enigma of a game that I adored but recommend with much caution.

I dunno. This is sort of cute and quirky but it feels like the whole of the game is just an excuse to get to the eventual twist ending.
It could have been a more nuanced exploration of identity and determinism or whatever, but it really just feels like they had this random idea for an ending, never thought about it further than that, and just made a weird rpg to get to that point.
I know it was directed by one of the Love De Lic dudes, but it definitely lacks the warmth and substance of something like Moon.
That said the skill system sort of reminds me of the SaGa games which is, like, sort of funny but also sort of appropriate.
This game mostly reminded me that I still have to play Michigan: Report From Hell (also directed by Akira Ueda). As a kid I always used to see ads for it on TV but could never actually find the game in stores.

God i love this game
for a quirky little rpg this game was strange
you could be a drag car driver and get hopped up on dog(lamb?) scratch and sniff stickers

I wanted to like this game SO bad!! I love mother likes! This definitely feels like it came from a time when PC MMOs were all the rage. Usually if I don’t like the gameplay of something characters and story can at least carry it, but not with this game. It looks beautiful tho and takes fun advantage of it being a DS game.

Contact plays like Akira Ueda’s previous Shining Soul series, but with a bulkier, clumsier MMO combat system and a truly bizarre premise: the player as a middleman and liaison between a cutesy, pixelated space scientist on the run and Terry, a normal modern-day boy thrown into the mix a la Secret of Evermore.
Unfortunately, the game is littered with pointless skill systems, necessitates an outrageous amount of grind, and, disappointingly, its trademark contrast between the three parties goes nowhere, serving no meaningful thematic or mechanical function. Contact wants to subvert and confuse like Earthbound, but it lacks the focus, polish, and purpose.