Crash Team Racing is a kart racing game featuring popular characters from the Crash Bandicoot series. The gameplay is very similar to other kart racing video games like Mario Kart: players have to choose a character and compete against the other racers on various racetracks. The story mode allows you to choose any one of the characters to complete all the main races and beat the ultimate boss Nitrous Oxide. Each of the main races are against 7 other AI competitors with 5 boss races. There are also a few arcade modes up to 4 players.

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It's just fucking ridiculous how good this game feels when you learn to powerslide or whatever it's called. When I managed to do it as a child I started playing it so much on my PSP and beat all of Oxide's times, and all that stuff.

One of the best kart games ever made, with crazy movement mechanics and a balanced item system. It has a very memorable collectathon-like story mode. Breathtaking skill ceiling.

The champion of kart racers, standing tall as many opponents (even its own sequel, Nitro Kart) tried and failed to take its throne. Nothing came close to its drifting mechanics and in-depth singleplayer content.
But a new challenger, Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers, is prepping to enter the arena. Can it do the impossible and win against CTR? Stay tuned!

Get your pitchforks ready, because I think CTR is better than any Mario Kart that came before it. Mario Kart would go on to reach new heights of course, but at the time CTR was the kart game, at least for me. The controls, the courses, the story, it was all so far ahead of the competition that it was hard to play anything else.

Equal to Diddy Kong Racing in depth, but the adventure mode is lacking. Along with that, there isn't as much variety and simply I just don't have as much nostalgia for it. Still an absolute must play for anyone interested in the Kart racing genre, and a masterclass in creating something accessible but deep.