Creeper World 4

released on Dec 03, 2020

The fourth installment of the real-time strategy series again tasks the player with containing the creeper, a destructive fluidlike substance, slowly overtaking the map's surface. Creeper World 4 continues the series' gameplay and favors 3D environments with a focus on fluid dynamics over traditional 2D graphics.

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The best RTS since Tiberium Wars. Solid campaign, a ton of challenge missions, a random mission generator, and custom mission creation for infinite potential.
You could probably play this forever.
I probably WILL play this forever.

The levels in the campaign are the perfect difficulty for my taste. I'm really enjoying it.
Don't go in expecting a polished game, though, it's very "raw".

Fun, unique strategy game. Has similar DNA to a tower defense game. Best fun I'd had in years.

Something of a cross between a RTS and a puzzle game.
Definitely a fun mechanic to fight against an ocean of slime using mostly small turrets.