Crimzon Clover: World EXplosion

released on Oct 29, 2020

Prepare yourself for an insatiable rain of bullets, bombs, and beams in Crimzon Clover.
From Japanese indie developers YOTSUBANE and AdventurePlanningService, this unique top-down shooter is a wild ride you won't want to miss out on.

Your first step in Crimzon Clover: World EXplosion is choosing how you want to play, as well as which powerful ship will be yours to command. Choose your version from ARCADE (true to the original arcade game), NOVICE (better if this is your first step into the world of hardcore shmuppage), or ARRANGED (a whole new can of worms with unique mechanics and novel challenges never seen before in the Crimzon Clover saga), then choose your mode from Boost, Original, Unlimited, and Time Attack.

Original is THE main mode, where you blast your way through stages in search of the last boss. Boost Mode will adjust the difficulty based on how proficient you are at devastating your enemies. Unlimited turns each stage into an intense battlefield of bullets that only the most hardcore players will be able to survive. And Time Attack pits you against the clock as you race to earn the best score possible in about 3 minutes.

Can you pilot your craft through the bullet massacre the enemies have prepared for you? Or will your ship become just another bump amidst the endless wreckage beneath your wings?

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not one but TWO spelling/grammar mistakes in the title! very disappointed! see me after class! -2

So chaotic and visceral, and so good. It's insane how hard this game goes. I always like the exclusive mechanics in these games, and the lock-on/buster one in Crimzon Clover feels so good. I hope for more games with things like this

Un juego muy de género diseñado por un jugador experto en el género. Marca todas las casillas del danmaku canonizadas por Cave y el resultado es media hora de partida compleja y densa, de niveles compactos y variados, con enemigos y situaciones diseñadas al milímetro y jefes multifásicos con muchas partes rompibles. Destaca sobre todo su sistema de puntuación, divertido de entender y aprender, incluso para alguien que no se ha sacado el 1cc todavía. Es lo que termina por dar forma a su plano de acción activo que te hace buscar por la pantalla a los enemigos y conectar cadenas y combos, solapado con el siempre presente plano reacctivo de esquivar proyectiles y bailar entre densas cortinas de balas.
Pero, es un juego tan de género que resulta hasta canibalesco. Es un elaborado ecosistema cultivado dentro de si mismo y huele a cerrado. Si no conoces de dónde viene todo el rollo de las medallas y los números excesivos, mirándolo con cierta distancia te cuestionarías si es un matamarcianos o un casino online. Lo peor es que detrás de esta estética no esconde ningún tipo de sistema de azar, solo gratificación visual ludópata. Si te implicas con Crimzon Clover tienes por delante horas de acción frenética y exigente, empaquetada en partidas de escasa media hora. Algo que pocos juegos modernos son capaces de ofrecer, pero yo, después de esto, solo quiero jugar a un juego de navecitas donde matar una nave solo implique una efímera explosión y no desencadenar el premio de la tragaperras

Honestly if it was just for gameplay itself I'd probably give 4 stars but the fact that the game is just overflowing with things to do thanks to the myriad of modes, and such good features like a robust training mode, Superplay replays with commentary, among other things, this is one of the best shmups when it comes to raw content. You'll definetly make your money's worth of it.

not a shmuphead by any means but i found the 2014 entry surprisingly entertaining and was in a car for 6 hours so I tapped in on this. manipulating bullet patterns on a crusty 2017 ASUS laptop with a suspect shift key is just only a notch below an arcade cabinet in terms of intended shmup experience, and after a bit of mangling with the different modes and ship types i was hittin that rhythmic groove that made me fall in love with PCB & Imperishable Night when I played them way back when. shmups are really good at creating this kind of paradoxical enforcement and lessening of failure anxiety--good performance lessens the feeling that you're gonna lose and builds confidence in your competency, but also said good performance moves you up the linear curve of higher stakes, to where your prior good performance might not cut it anymore, which actually just reinforces the initial anxiety, and so on and so on. new breed trapper imposter syndrome not the fake bullshit for corporate eaters they talk about in litmags. anyway i really like this one because it kind of lets you set the variables for that anxiety game--do you want to be anxious about keeping up a high standard for an indefinite period of time, do you want to be anxious about keeping pace with an ever-evolving environment, do you want to be anxious about the precarious, 'zig when you shoulda zagged' nature of timing your next big move, etc. then the internal slip n slide of affect plays out from there depending on how you've set the board up. idk just really fun stuff at the end of the day.

Один из лучших буллетхельных скролл-шутеров, ярких, красочных, с полноэкранным самонаводящимся оружием и режимами временного усиления Break Mode и Double Break Mode - но теперь Crimzon Clover стал ещё лучше!
У вас уже есть World Ignition? Забирайте World EXplosion по скидке 50% и получите уровень сложности Arrange, сделанный специально для релиза на Nintendo Switch и заполняющий пропасть между лёгким и аркадным уровнем сложности оригинальной версии. Причём Arrange Mode не просто уменьшает или увеличивает количество пуль, а устроен гораздо интереснее - теперь игрок с помощью шкалы улучшений, взятой из Gradius, может вручную либо в полуавтоматическом режиме активировать улучшения вроде ускорения корабля, увеличения его мощности стрельбы и одноразового щита.
Ещё не играли в Crimzon Clover? Тогда вас ждут все десять игровых режимов - шесть оригинальных и четыре для сложности Arrange, да ещё и новый саундтрек вдобавок к оригинальному на выбор. Режимы самые разнообразные - в Boost меньше пуль, но они быстрые, а в Unlimited огромное количество пуль, но теперь на сложности Arrange игрок может стирать часть этих пуль своими пулями. Это игра, в которой можно как быстренько пройтись по облегчённым режимам, так и сидеть десятки часов, осваивая аркадные режимы, ведь только при игре без продолжений позволят сразиться с настоящим финальным боссом. Ну а если сомневаетесь - в этот раз доступна демоверсия. Уж её то точно стоит попробовать!