A retro-inspired 2D Action RPG set in the distant future. CrossCode combines 16-bit SNES-style graphics with butter-smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system, and engaging puzzle mechanics, served with a gripping sci-fi story.

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felt like zelda fused with terranigma in expert mode

I first beat this game about a year ago and now I'm doing a NG+ run and going for all the trophies.
This is still the easiest 5-star review I've ever given a game.

The best Action-RPG combat in a generation. Melee, Range, Dodge, and Guard skills are so artfully balanced you'll find yourself switching them up on the fly. And remember the leaden pace of avatars in RPG's of yesteryear? That's history – Lea moves at a silky, buttery clip, the world smoothly streaming by as you navigate layered environments. Hard to believe it's all HTML5. Best of all, the story is genuinely affecting, with evocative dialogue portraits and surprising plot turns.

This is an incredibly underrated game. This game is amazing and is one of my favorites.
The combat is crazy fun. The world is fun and rewarding to explore. The story is fantastic. The puzzles are fun. The final boss is one of the most fun final boss fights I have ever fought.
I do have one enormous beef with this game, though, that holds it back from being 5 stars.
The puzzles. They are fun, like I said, but they suffer from "Too much of a good thing is a bad thing". They seem to just repeat ad nauseam. By the time I got to the huge puzzle that combines everything right before the final boss, I very much over the puzzles. I shared Lea's groan when I got to that room. They could knock out the puzzles by half and probably be alright.
Pretty much my only complaint about the vanilla game. I have a few more for the DLC.

An amazing game with great combat and a captivating story.
What brings down this game from the pedestal of a perfect five star rating is the big ramp up in difficulty in the second half of the game as well as the dragged out segments of puzzles.