Cruelty Squad

released on Jan 04, 2021

Cruelty Squad is a tactical first person shooter set in the hardcore gig economy of corporate liquidations. You're an emotionally dead combat-substance fueled grunt of Cruelty Squad, a depraved subsidiary company tasked with performing wetworks for its host conglomerate. Will you make the Corporate Arch Demoness proud or succumb to bitter tears of failure?

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fuck this game ill finish it one day

While not as fast and explosive as ultrakill its willingness to let you go absolutely wild with its movement mechanics gives it a distinctly unique niche.
If you expected to read an in depth explanation for the visuals:
Shut the fuck up funko pop owner.

fantastic movement, great gunplay, fun, innovative mechanics to learn and manipulate, only thing is i wish there was more content in this game. i love cruelty squad and it deserves more recognition.

This Deus Ex/Quake fever dream is one of my personal favorites. Well designed levels with multiple approaches, fantastic movement and upgrades, and some of the most inventive experiences I have played