Custer's Revenge

released on Sep 23, 1982

You are General Custer. Your dander's up, your pistol's wavin‘. You've set your sights on a ravishing maiden named Revenge: but she's not about to take it lying down, by George! Help is on the way. If you're to get to Revenge you'll have to rise to the challenge, dodge a tribe of flying arrows and protect your flanks against some downright mean and prickly cactus. But if you can stand pat and last post the stings and arrows - you can stand last.

Remember! Revenge is sweet. Everytime ol' Custer scores he comes up smilin‘ and right back for more. The higher the score. the more challenging the game action gets.

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If there is any game I think deserves "worst game of alltime" assigned to it this definitely is the one. Not only is everything about it as a game completely terrible, it's morally abhorrent! What fun.

You know, sometimes, I like to sit outside on my balcony, in a nice little chair, watching either the sunrise or sunset depending on the time of day, and I like to think "Man... life is good. Life is grand, there is so much to love about humanity and our planet in general, and I am glad to be alive."
And then I remember stuff like this game exists, and then I quickly remember that humanity was a mistake, and that the Earth should have been shot into the sun a long time ago to rid the universe of us.
Game #216

this causing the game crash would of made sense