Dark Deity

released on Jun 15, 2021

Command legendary heroes to reshape a land fractured by broken oaths, reckless war, and a secret search for arcane power. The ancient artifacts and powerful weapons you discover will empower your cast of 30 playable characters as they form bonds and battle their way into legend.

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Favorite Part: The animations are phenomenal. Clearly so much love and care was put into making them look as good as they do, especially the spell animations.

i'm usually someone who much preferes a good story over fun gameplay, but with this game, i didn't seem to mind things being the other way around. the story is one that you've probably heared before and the game doesn't reinvent anything, but the gameplay is tons of fun!
most things about this game are rather average. the soundtrack is nice, but sometimes i found myself putting on my own playlist and muting the game. the characters are nice, but there are a bit too many to spend time with all of them. i never once used caius, felton, rose or a few of the others, because i didn't have the time to try out new characters, knowing i would get new ones in the very next level. many characters may work for a game with permadeath, but a few of the later characters felt a little unnecessary. the support conversations were alright. some were really fun and some i didn't pay much attention to.
overall, the game didn't stood out to me in any particular way, but i still had tons of fun with it. if you don't care much about the story, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of the gameplay!

As much shit as modern Fire Emblem games get at least my 3DS/Switch didn't kill itself trying to run it. What was there was alright so maybe I'll pick it up on Switch

I'm not particularly big on SRPG games, but I liked this one well enough. One thing I enjoyed was a lack of permadeath (that being the sole reason I haven't given Fire Emblem so much as a passing glance despite this game being obviously influenced by the series)

maybe the real dark deity are the friends we made along the way