Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

released on Oct 25, 2006

Discover a new breed of Action-RPG game powered by an enhanced version of the Source Engine by Valve. Set in the Might & Magic universe, players will experience ferocious combat in a dark and immersive fantasy environment. Swords, Stealth, Sorcery. Choose your way to kill.

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Would be a 9/10 if it wasn't littered with performance issues. Seriously, if I have to open this game through a Hex editor to edit one line of code to stop the game from crashing then you know this game needs a remaster for modern hardware.
Also the game is pretty fun and I like kicking people.

В детстве игралось ооочень круто, сейчас кажется однотипной и нудной. Надеюсь, что Awoved будет идейным продолжителем месайи

We need more games where you can kick enemies off cliffs

Outstanding and fun gameplay as well as containing very funny moments when launching enemies off the cliffs with a simple kick.
Unfortunately, the incredibly generic and boring story elements make it a hard case for it being great.

Might of been good if I didn't have to deal with crashes before even finishing the tutorial lol

I replay this game every few years just for the satisfying kicking of enemies. Story is kind of whatever, but graphics have held up. Magic is good, and you can keep yourself entertained with the combinations (ice = slippery, fire + oil, etc.)