Dark Souls II

released on Mar 11, 2014

The unique old-school action rpg experience captivated imaginations of gamers worldwide with incredible challenge and intense emotional reward.
Dark Souls II brings the franchise’s renowned difficulty & gripping gameplay innovations to both single and multiplayer experiences.

Immerse yourself into mind-bending environments filled with new twisted monsters and deadly bosses that could only come from the imagination of from software. A wide range of threats will prey on human senses & phobias - auditory hallucinations, vertigo, acrophobia, etc.

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This game is still really good and worth playing along with the rest of the series, I feel they just fall short in regards to the flow of gameplay and some of the boss fights especially.

High highs but also terrible lows.
Presentation is all over the place, and the gameplay is a colossal downgrade coming from the first.

Not a bad game how everybody talks, just not great how the ascestor

I don't care what anyone says, I think this is one of the best Soulsgames!