Dead or Alive

released on Nov 26, 1996

Dead or Alive is a fighting game and the first entry in Team Ninja's long-running Dead or Alive series. Its most defining features were its speed and countering system. Dead or Alive put an emphasis on speed, and relied more on simplistic commands and reaction time. Furthermore, its countering system was the first in the fighting genre to utilize different commands that corresponded to each type of attack. There are two kinds of holds, an Offensive Hold (OH) and a Defensive Hold (DH). The latter are executed by holding back or forward on the directional pad along with the guard input to either force away or counter-damage an opponent. The Playstation port of the game was later backported for arcade and titled Dead or Alive++.

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It's like a faster paced Tekken but with boob physics

Uno de mis juegos mas queridos de la infancia, era muy divertido luchar con las waifus *w*

Have a simple but nice gameplay, the combos are- Look thoose jiggle physics, daamn!!!

Some people believe that the name 'Dead or Alive' was chosen to represent a sense of urgency to the fact that Koei was almost declaring bankruptcy and desperately needed a hit to stay afloat, but in a 2007 interview with DemolitionD, the series director Tomonobu Itagaki stated that the name was chosen because the jiggle physics were killing him.

A good looking, well running PS1 game that proves I have nothing interesting to say about fighting games.