Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut

released on Apr 30, 2013

An expanded game of Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is a third-person survival horror action game which puts players in the role of the intuitive FBI Agent Francis York Morgan. In the process of investigating a murder, players will examine a series of interlocking mysteries in a remote rural town and will encounter an array of complex characters pivotal to the unraveling of the storyline's mystery. Suspenseful action sequences will force players to make strategic moves, gliding by enemies in the shadows or engaging them with long-range weapons or hand-to-hand melee combat. From the unparalleled atmosphere, music and mysterious storyline to driving vehicles and exploring the entire town, Deadly Premonition will offer players a unique and haunting interactive gaming experience unlike any other.

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This game wears its inspirations on it sleeve and feels like a love letter to them more than anything. Sure, the cheesy, awkward dialogue may feel off to some people, but looking past it is a well told story and fleshed out world, seen through the frame of a cheesy late night drama

Swery likes Twin Peaks. There's no way there wasn't some level of direct influence here. No getting around that. It's beyond simple homage or appreciation -- this isn't like Silent Hill 2 and Lost Highway -- it's frustrating how its refusal to branch off hurts it.
Is what I would say if I didn't keep playing. Wouldn't that be a shame, Zach?
Swery is deeply trying to be something more and punch high above its weight. It takes the confines of "Twin Peaks-like" and manifests as its own beast. Seemingly dissonant elements arrange into a casserole, with some unneeded elements like combat (which he didn't even WANT to include in the game but was forced to by publishers).
Deadly Premonition falls into a lot of the same pitfalls as Drakengard 3 for me -- as games developed by the same studio, Access Games, they both have gameplay so frustratingly grating at points that it goes beyond a narrative statement and just becomes a slog for the sake of it.
Unlike DOD3, however, Deadly Premonition's characters are some of the most enjoyable in the medium. They have relationships, 24-hour schedules, and just feel like characters that have real lives. York specifically is a treat to engage with.
Zach engages with our own influence and perspective through the game using York, and we walk away from Greenvale able to shatter that barrier and kill off our past.

You say Fred Ward I Say Remo Williams: the adventure begins.

I'd give this game a higher rating since I did find the underlying gameplay enjoyable, but it crashed so many times on me that it severely hampered my enjoyment of it.

The most broken game in pc gaming history
I really liked the concept and overall the game but game wont let me play it.
It crashes every hour. I fix one problem, then another problem appears.
I played for about ten hours, but most of the time I was trying to fix the game.
By the ninth chapter, the game was crashing at every cutscene. I downloaded many saves and tried to play. But after the 21st crash in the ninth episode, I lost all patience for this game
Just don't buy this garbage port. I can't believe the developers actually sold this broken game.

I really wish it would have maintained the "so bad its good" vibe for the entirety of the game, sadly only the first 1/3 of the game gave me that feeling