released on Sep 14, 2021

Deathloop transports players to the lawless island of Blackreef in an eternal struggle between two extraordinary assassins. Explore stunning environments and meticulously designed levels in an immersive gameplay experience that lets you approach every situation any way you like. Hunt down targets all over the island in an effort to put an end to the cycle once and for all, and remember, if at first you don’t succeed… die, die again.

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This game is fun if you don't think about it too much.

Most unique game I’ve played in a while, cool concept with a lackluster ending. Not a very hard game just a bit frustrating to start with. Good replay value.

This game took me 18 hours to finish, and started to grate after hour 8. It doesnt outstay its welcome so much as crashes your couch and lays there until you physically throw it out of your house. Shallow combat and stealth, tiresome colour coded tiered upgrade system that utterly breaks the game. The thought behind the time loop mechanic (which has been used better in other games like the forgotten city, outer wilds, majoras mask etc) seems to be to remove savescumming for messing up, simply allowing you to redo the last section.

This runs into the problem that unlike in say, Deus Ex Human Revolution where being spotted at a key moment might mean an instant smashing of the quickload key to try again the last 30 seconds, in Deathloop being spotted at the Wolf guy's house because the objective didnt register even though you overheard the conversation about the chocolate beer that completes the objective means instead at the fastest skipping forward, infusing your gear and then having to replay the entire level again! Whereas savescumming takes mere seconds.

As for the writing, I wouldnt say its without highlight and certainly Cole's back and forth with the antagonist has the right amount of chemistry and is genuinely one of the upsides of dying in the game, but at many times can only be described as one, overused word that Im sorry I have to employ but nothing else will do : cringe. Especially with the "Gamer" character. I don't what it is with videogames that try to satirize or subvert the image of the gamer but they all usually make me want to stab my ear holes with a scalpel so as not to ever have to listen to that dialogue again. Its not an insightful takedown or clever subversion, it makes me think that the intention was for me to feel embarassed for this character but really only succeeds at making me embarassed for the writer, who should be barred from writing character dialogue for the rest of their life.

Just play Prey2018 instead, or maybe the forgotten city if you want a good time loop game

I've come to accept that this is my favourite game

Dishonored is and forever will be one of my favorite games of all time. The world created, the art style, the stealth and action game tactics all worked together to make it an inspired masterpiece. Even today, I would say Dishonored holds up as one of the best stealth games ever made. <br> After a few years, Dishonored 2 came out. While the gameplay once again delivered and kept the game fun, the world building, art style, and level design just was not as well put together as the first one. On top of all of that, the setting of the game was no longer in the city of the original, Dunwall, but instead was in the new city of Karnaca, which simply was not as interesting. <br> After playing both Dishonored games, I was very excited to hear that Arkane Studios was making a new game that holds true to Dishonored’s gameplay. Deathloop to me was an opportunity for Arcane to recreate the feeling I had when playing the first Dishonored. I was not disappointed.<br> While it took me a while to realize what all story beats I needed to follow as well as the smart way around each area, once I had done it I found the game nearly just as good as Dishonored. The action was diverse and interesting, the stealth, while not as rewarding, was still crisp and had more opportunities for combat than Dishonored. Now that I have talked entirely too much about Dishonored for a Deathloop review, I’ll start talking of Deathloop for what it is. <br> Deathloop is simple. Kill 8 people in one day and break a time loop that only 2 people can recognize has started. While at first seeming like a very simple concept, the game makes it very clear early on how difficult of a task it is. In order to unlock the final mission, you must manipulate events, learn pathways along four different areas at four different times, find out information on your own, and unlock an arsenal worthy of attempting the mission with. Through this, you find out about those you are killing, the visionaries as they’re known, as well as about your own character’s backstory. The story is deep, interesting, and if you look far enough, even has a connection back to the Disohonored series. <br> In terms of gameplay, Deathloop holds its inspirations on its sleeve, but does a great job at keeping everything fresh. The action is unique, as you can stealth your way through areas with silenced pistols, connecting enemies’ life forces to take out multiple with a single shot as you go, or you can run and gun with dual pistols that turn into an SMG on command. On top of the good gunplay, the slabs (superpowers essentially) are varied, and each very valuable. I found myself multiple times wishing I could take three into an area, when two was all that was allowed. This definitely made me want to keep going back. <br> In the end, Deathloop is my favorite game that I played from 2021. It may not be biggest scale game out there, but it is excellent at what it does, and I didn’t get to even talk about all of its mechanics here. It is fun and it does what it is aiming for perfectly. That is why Deathloop is my game of the year. <br>

arkane is very good at making their one game